Active trax encourages workout

By John Del Sordo
February 24, 2005

Shane Evans

Although the Dixon Center’s many different strength training set-ups, and regular workout equipment may provide enough stimulation for the average trainer, many students are exploring the more efficient workout techniques available. The Active Trax system, now available in the Dixon Center, is a new workout plan that designs custom workout plans for people willing to take regular training a step further. ActivTrax is a web-based application delivering personalized workouts to members of the Dixon Center free of cost. ActivTrax offers an innovative blend of technology and years of personal training experience to create customized, up-to-date workouts designed to help even the most lazy students stay motivated.

The logic behind ActivTrax workouts has been formulated using years of extensive research in the fields of exercise science, physiology and behavioral psychology. The workouts are specifically designed to help you form and maintain permanent proper exercise habits, and combine them with healthy eating. First, you will meet with an ActivTrax Coach to discuss your goals and evaluate your current fitness level. This evaluation will be the core of your custom fitness plan. ActivTrax will then design a perfect workout, made specifically with you in mind.

Shortly after your evaluation your workout sheet will be waiting for you at. Simply pick it up, and you’re ready to go. Your workout sheet will list which individual exercises to be performed, what equipment to use, the correct amount of weight and the appropriate number of repetitions. With ActivTrax, as you finish each set, you record the number of repetitions performed. At the end of the session, just drop off your completed Workout Sheet in the Completed Workouts Folder at the Info Center in the strength and conditioning room. ActivTrax will analyze your performance and generate a new workout sheet for your next session. Because a new sheet is generated each time, it guarantees your workout will stay consistent with your body’s condition.

ActivTrax has already begun luring many students into the Dixon Center who might not usually consider themselves “gym people.” English-communications major, Maura Gertz who heard about ActivTrax through her health promotion class, said, “I decided to try it to not only to get in shape for spring break, but also to begin to lead a healthier and more motivated life.” When asked why she felt ActivTrax had the edge over other exercise techniques she replied, “It is a workout designed just for you. ActivTrax has made the intimidation of working out obsolete.” For more details on ActiveTrax contact the Dixon Center fitness area.

Ask the Dixon Center staff for assistance. They will be happy to help you for an evaluation or assistance during your work out.

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John Del Sordo

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