A spiritual retreat: a search for myself

By Ariana Yamasaki
November 16, 2017


Being a college student can be overwhelming at times, especially when all the work that is piled on throughout the semester can make it feel like you are drowning and can’t reach the surface. Have you ever taken time to just focus on you?

The Campus Ministry here at Cabrini University hosts a retreat they offer twice a year called Search. It is a spiritual retreat that lets students get away from their daily worries and focus on themselves. It helps students that are overwhelmed with work and social responsibilities to take time for themselves and not worry.

Students attended the Search retreat in spring 2017. Photo by Campus Ministry.

I went on Search the spring semester of my freshman year and it was one of the best things I could have done.

Freshman year was the first time I lived away from my family. It was a massive change for me to not have my family there to help me through times when I was struggling. I was overwhelmed with school work and this retreat could not have come at a better time.

Before going to Search, I was nervous and did not really want to go. I went because Rosa Altomare, the campus minister, told me what a great experience it would be. Honestly, it was the best thing someone could have told me to do.

During my time at Search last year, I met some of the most amazing, beautiful and genuinely good people. The weekend was filled with a lot of activities to get to know yourself as well as others.

Sara Smith, DeLisa Portland, Kim Pepenella, Erin Roche, Ariana Yamasaki and Olivia Schiffert are the Search retreat leaders for the fall of 2017. Photo by Campus Ministry.

At Search, you get a chance to be with yourself without other responsibilities weighing you down. The retreat is more than the weekend.

Coming back, I had made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. The experience I had was truly amazing and I hope others have a chance to go on it.

After getting back from Search last year, I decided I wanted to be a leader for the next retreat. I filled out an application, interviewed with Rosa and Father Carl Janicki and got a leadership position in the fall Search.

When I went to Search as a retreatant my leader helped me immensely and I wanted to do that for someone else. Search is different for everyone who goes on it and not everyone will have the same exact experience.

Going from a retreatant to a leader was amazing. Last year, I got to grow at the retreat and this year, I got to watch others grow and it was beautiful. Search is an experience that everyone should have, in my opinion.

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Ariana Yamasaki

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