A forever game: Cabrini men’s lacrosse celebrates national championship win

By Griff Hays
August 29, 2019


Over the last two decades, Cabrini’s men’s lacrosse team has been one of the most dominant teams in the country. Under head coach Steve Colfer, the Cavaliers have won 19 straight conference titles and made 18 straight NCAA tournaments. They’ve also won an NCAA record 121 straight conference games that stands across all divisions and sports. A national championship, however, had always eluded their grasp.

At least that was the case until May 26, 2019, when they finally finished the job. With a 16-12 win over Amherst College, the Cavaliers captured the first national title in school history. On Thursday, Aug. 29, the Cabrini community joined the team at the Dixon Center to celebrate their momentous accomplishment.

It was the first NCAA men’s lacrosse championship by a Pennsylvania school at any level of competition.

“This storybook championship run by Cabrini is full of cinematic moments,” athletic director Brad Koch said. “This win further united the Cabrini family and set the stage for continued excellence and prosperity.”

Men’s lacrosse with the NCAA championship trophy. Photo courtesy of Griff Hays.

Cabrini was led to the title by three-time all-American honoree Jordan Krug. The marketing major put up 75 goals on the year, including 30 in postseason play alone, to lead the charge.

“It started back last August with the seniors getting together and we realized that it was our goal to lead these guys, all 55 of us, through this long season,” Krug said.

One of the team’s most vocal supporters, Cabrini President Donald Taylor also spoke at the event.

“What better way to open the new conference,” Taylor said, speaking of the Atlantic East Conference, which had its inaugural season in the 2018-’19 school year. “Six conference championships and to top it all off a national championship in men’s lacrosse.”

Taylor also mentioned the brand new South Residence Hall and parking garage, both completed in 2019, quipping that South has plenty of room for more championship banners.

He spoke at length about the positive effect the title win has had on Cabrini as a whole.

“It actually elevated our brand, our recognition. We were all over social media. It ignited the alumni, the whole region,” he said. “Part of that 15,000 [people] in blue and white at the Linc, not all of them were Cabrini people but they were fans of lacrosse spread throughout this region. Because we were the home team, as a Philly team, they came out because they wanted to see great lacrosse all weekend. When they came, those became fans and friends of Cabrini.”

Perhaps the most important part of the team, Coach Colfer had a simple message.

Head coach Steve Colfer addresses the crowd and his team at the Dixon Center during the championship celebration. Photo courtesy of Griffin Hays.

“There is a team behind the team, always,” he said, referring to the athletics department and administration. “An extension of our coaching staff, there are so many people…we couldn’t do it without those guys. They are the most important part of what we do and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them.”

He also had a heartfelt message for his players.

“Thank you for this incredible journey that you took this coaching staff, this program and this university on last May, it will never be forgotten,” he said. “It will truly be a forever game.”

Griff Hays

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