A college student’s guide on how to have fun on a budget

By James Humes
December 5, 2018

It’s no news to many that college students face a full schedule of classes and a tight budget due to rising costs of tuition and books. Having a tight budget can mean a limited amount of resources for having fun and getting out.

People enjoying a concert in their community. Photo taken by Suta Lascarya via Flickr.

An Ohio State University study has shown that 70 percent of college students worry about their finances and ultimately, their spending habits.

During college, students should be able to get out and must relieve stress from the classroom. But unfortunately, many don’t know about these ways to have fun even while on a budget.

One way to go out and have fun doing an assortment of activities is by researching on coupon sites. Coupon sharing websites are easy to sign up for and offers lots of promotions where users can save money on events.

These coupon sharing websites typically have applications for your phone and offer tons of discounted rates. These discounts can apply to concerts, meals, and much more. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to how someone can utilize these great sources.

Coupon sharing websites like Groupon, Google Sharing, and Living Social will even cater to your location and interests to show deals close to you. So not only will you receive discounted rates, but can find out about new activities or places to eat near you!

Groupon sharing deals online for consumers. Photo taken by The High Low via Flickr.

Yahoo Finance even reported that Groupon has decided to offer college students a great deal for a limited time. Groupon was offering college student participants, who sign up, an extra 25 percent off the first six months of local deals.

Another way to have fun is to look right in front of you! Student resources centers on campus offers events throughout the school year for students to have fun for free on campus.

Typically schools have online resources for students to find out about these events. Cabrini University even has an events calendar that is available that highlights all campus-affiliated events.

Remember, the more the merrier! Bringing friends along not only makes for a better time but can divide the costs of a night out and make for a more financially manageable outing. Simply splitting a ride fair or an entrée can make for a fun night but just half the cost.

Don’t forget you’re a student! Lots of places offer student discounts to help students that are looking to have fun without breaking the bank. Just remember to bring your student identification wherever you go and ask an employee.

Also, a quick online search and fill you in on events occurring in your local community. Often, concert halls, parks, and schools have events open to the public for entertainment. These events if not already free, have discounts available to residents.

Commodities made to the public also include public parks. These parks could be a great place for a hike, cookout, or whatever outdoor activity you desire to do. These parks are open to the public and are free to enter and have fun on. This method would also be a great way to get outdoors to have fun as well!

Having fun doesn’t always mean you have to spend money, but the option should be available. These ideas, if considered, could be a way for you and your friends to make the most of your experiences at college. So try a few methods out and have a great time!

James Humes

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