’50 Shades’ album may be as sultry as the movie

By Jessica Paradysz
February 19, 2015


“50 Shades of Grey” trailers have been played on repeat on TV screens and YouTube ads, leading up to it’s Valentine’s Day weekend release. People are frenzied over the whips, handcuffs and red-room romance, but forget the pulsing music played underneath the actress’s pleas of “tie me up, please.”

The most memorable song is The Weeknd’s infectious “Earned It.” The singer  is featured in Sia’s “Elastic Heart,” and former Nickelodeon star turned petite songstress’s Arianna Grande’s “Love Me Harder” video.

The melody is sexily slow, while Abel Tesfaye whispers “I will care for you.” The video features barely-clothed dancers in an abandoned theater with sparkling chandeliers and red velvet curtains. The chairs are reminiscent of  the “Cell Black Tango” scene in Broadway’s “Chicago.”

Dakota Johnson, the actress that plays the girl that catches Mr. Grey’s eye, so to speak, hangs from the ceiling like some kind of human-rhinestone chandelier.

Besides all of the artistry in the video, the song alone is soulful and hypnotic. Listen a few times and the song could seem to be playing from speakers walking down the hallways. Just do not try to hang from the ceilings like Johnson.

What girl can resist him crooning, “Cause girl you’re perfect, You’re always worth it, And you deserve it, The way you work it, Cause girl you earned it.”

British singer Ellie Golding, who became popular for “Lights” that played incessantly on the radio in 2010, adds her angelic and breathy voice to the sizzling soundtrack.

The song, “Love Me Like You Do” is dripping with sweetness like a floral perfume. The blonde singer has a place in the soundtrack, with seductive lyrics that bloom and come across breezily.

Golding pleads, “ You’re the light, you’re the night, You’re the color of my blood, You’re the cure, you’re the pain, You’re the only thing I want to touch, never knew that it could mean so much, so much.”

The soundtrack has a bit of flair and royalty with not one, but two Queen B songs. “Haunted” is a dark song, with strong vocals and eerie pops of strange sounds that make it  even more dramatic and  oddly irresistible.

Viewers will be familiar with Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” remix. The original 2003 hit becomes “50 Shades” worthy as the tempo is slowed down to an enthralling beat. The song sounds almost unrecognizable,  like  a fan instrumental cover come true.

Sia’s “Salted Wound” contains a beautiful harp as her voice coats the lyrics. The song is very different and sultrier than her past pop hits “Elastic Heart” or “Chandelier.” Yet the unique sound and drawn-out vocals blend together too much, listeners cannot discern the words.

Skyler Grey’s, “I Know You” is reminiscent of Goulding’s style and is better than Sia’s track, while still having a stunningly fragile quality with pop roots.

Grey, who is aptly name for the soundtrack, was featured in Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Home” and Eminem’s “Doctor.”

AWOLNATION’s cover of Bruce Springsteen’s classic, ‘I’m On Fire,” could have been punchier, but the slowed down version fits the sultry theme.

The 16 song album will keep listeners attention as much as the teasing trailers have. The eclectic bunch features songs by Frank Sinatra Annie Lennox and The Rolling Stones. The mix of artists from all genres, eras, and covers create a unique album.  Readers should take a listen, even if they do not, (but secretly do) want to see the movie.

Jessica Paradysz

Jessica is a junior communication major and Spanish minor. She currently is the Perspectives Editor for The Loquitur. Jessica is passionate about writing and believes that the paper is a great platform for students to showcase their creativity. She is one of the social media and marketing chairs for the Cavalier Dance Company. As a writer, she knows that dancing can tell a story. Everyone has a story to tell, and she is excited for the stories that will fill the pages of the paper this year.

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