Cheerleaders place third in recent competition

By MaryKate McCann
September 12, 2012

Teamwork is what fuels the Cabrini College cheerleaders to compete and do well together as a whole. This was the first summer the Cavs went away for their own camp. As one of the smallest teams to compete they placed 3rd out of their division of ten other teams.

“We as a team prepare by practicing and not giving up when doing something wrong,” senior Calii Brown said. “Working together gets the competition accomplished.”

For the competition held at camp, the team learned a chant, a cheer, and a dance. It took a lot of hard work to incorporate their own stunts into it to perfect the motions and stunts.

“I think my teammates really enjoyed the time together,” Amy Cimo, senior captain, said.  “We did well at camp and in the competition.”

Attending this camp gave the Cheerleaders the opportunity to prepare for games to come. Learning new moves and steps will give the crowd something new and fresh. Competing has been one of the team’s favorite aspects of the sport and they really did put a lot into it.

“Camp was awesome for us because we had a lot of team bonding,” Brown said. “Were able to understand each other and see each other’s faults.”

The Cheerleading team plays an important role here at Cabrini. They attend every basketball game to get the crowds spirits up and encourage other athletes.

“I am really excited to make appearances at the men’s and women’s basketball games, because that’s where we perform all that we’ve learned over the summer,” Cimo said. “I love encouraging school spirit.”

For preparation, the Cavs constantly go through routines over and over again and stay conscious of what can be done better the next time.

“At camp we felt as we were the underdogs and were a little frightened,” Calii said. “At the the end we were all so proud and became a lot closer.”

“As the captain, I have a bunch of great ideas,” Cimo said.  “I can’t wait to get the season rolling.”

The Cavaliers cheerleading squad will be holding tryouts on Thursday, Sept. 20.

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MaryKate McCann

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