3-on-3 basketball tournament

By Leonard Brock
May 9, 2014

Many basketballs bounced as people watched each of the games played in the Dixon Center Gym here at Cabrini. Cabrini Traditions organized the tournament that was to help raise money for the senior class gift.  

It was a minimum for three and a maximum five players on a team. Some teams came late but, very eager to go against their opposition. If there were players that just played to have fun instead of making it competition it was hard to tell from the looks of each one of their faces. There were 10 teams that played after the whistle blew at 8:30 as the games began.

The names of teams varied between being funny and what you would say is normal. On one side of the division was White Excellence, Cabrini Admissions and Friends, Extra Burritos with White sauce, Black Squad, and No Lackin. Cabrini Admissions and Friends went placed on consolation in the pool play.

White Excellence and Black Squad tried their best to continue to move on in the tournament but, they just could not. They lost two games in both rounds one and two. Extra Burritos with White Sauce did great in winning their first two games of the tournament before losing in the third round to No Lackin.

While on the other part of the pool was Tri State Ballers, Pass the Ball to Tucker, John’s Team, Black Excellence, and Rubio Friends.The Tri State Ballers playing hard struggled to get a win losing their two games. Pass The Ball to Tucker and John’s Team were the only two teams that had a split win and lose ratio in opposite rounds of one and two. In the Final Four of the tournament was Black Excellence versus No Lackin. No Lackin dominated the perimeter for a win over them.

While Rubio Friends played Extra Burritos with White Sauce. It was a great game coming down to the same outcome as the No Lackin and Black Excellence game.

In the Final Round of the tournament there was team No Lackin and Rubio and Friends. Team No Lackin trailed by seven as Team Rubio and Friends up 10 to 3 from making consistent three’s. As the game went on more people focus surrounded the court that the two teams were playing on. For, Team No Lackin came back with shooting three’s, making lay-ups, and hustling on defense. Rubio and Friends was still able to pull off with a triumph win with the score of 21-17.

They were awarded $25 gift cards-Instant Happiness gift card or Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.                             

Leonard Brock

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