Students paint the night away with paint by numbers

By Anna Schmader
October 13, 2020

With an open Friday night, Cabrini’s SEAL (Student Engagement and Leadership) Office hosted the Paint by Numbers event. Keeping the Cavaliers busy, students kicked-back and relaxed with some snacks, drinks and masks.

For some eager painters, materials could be picked up before the event to get ahead. Students registered for a spot to receive their painting kit where they would begin in Grace Hall or in dorm rooms on Friday, Oct. 2.

Many stressed students find painting to be a therapeutic medium or just for fun. Alexia Spritzler, junior marketing major ’22, loves to relax with paints and a canvas whenever she can. “I was so excited to do it, it was so much fun and somewhat relaxing,” Spritzler said.

She took a leap and signed up for the event even though she’s never attended before. With an open mind for any Friday night plans, Paint by Numbers gave Spritzler a relaxing way to end the week. Ready to relax with music and paintbrushes, the adventure was just beginning.

Spritzler loves getting creative when she has the time to. Especially during a hectic week of school work, it gives her a break with a moment to breathe.

“My least favorite was the tiny details, some of the paintings you picked were so small,” Spritzler said.  

Alexia Spriztler with her painting. Photo by Alexia

Trying to perfect it and working on it all night, she only got halfway through. She wanted to complete it in one night, but the intricate details made focus and concentration difficult and frustrating.

Along with the hard work she placed into her beautiful sunflower, she highly recommends anyone debating to step out of their comfort zone and give it a try.

For some creative minds, it’s easy to think of ideas to draw, paint or sketch. Art takes time and patience even if the canvas and idea have been delivered. 

“I’ve always liked art from a young age, I was always coloring or doing creative things,” Megan Marley, junior early and special education major ‘22, said. 

Marley loves to use art as a stress reliever, specifically painting since it’s easier to manipulate the colors. She loves to envision a canvas with her many ideas and paint.

With the ease of simply basing the color off the number, it made her creativity effortless. Not having to formulate a color scheme made it a little more relaxing.

“Painting can be relaxing but also so stressful and frustrating since I want everything to be perfect,” Marley said. 

Even though this painting activity was more frustrating than she perceived, she finds painting to be both therapeutic and just for fun. 

Painter painting. Photo by Erica Short

Not having attended the event before, she didn’t expect it to take so long to do. She mentioned how generous and kind Cabrini was to supply the painters with materials. It helped students who didn’t have materials conveniently with them to join in on the fun!

Both attendees recommend this event to anyone who likes art and painting. 

The Cabrini’s SEAL team hosts many events like Painting Party Paint by Numbers to keep the Cavaliers involved throughout the semesters. This is just one of the many activities to participate in! 


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Anna Schmader

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