Despite obstacles with coronavirus, Cabrini plans to have a memorable Hispanic heritage month.

By Sophia Gerner
October 11, 2020

Newly elected director of campus activities and programming, Jé La Boulden, has big hopes to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at Cabrini University.

This hand shows the different flags that are corresponded with Hispanic Heritage Month. Photo taken from yahoo.

Campus activities and programming, also know as CAP, is in charge of the planning, organizing and executing most events on campus such as the Cabrini Pageant and the block party. This semester, CAP board has partnered with Pura Vida, BSU and Cav Radio to put together an event consisting of food, dancing and activities to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

While having a big turn out in the past, when asked if Boulden believes if she will see another big turn out with the coronavirus pandemic happening, her response was very optimistic.

“We have been following the guidelines, making sure we have rotations set up to make sure that everyone is socially distanced and I think that people will definitely come out for this, especially because it is important to many people,” Boulden said.

Boulden tries to take as much criticism as she can get since she is still new to being a member on CAP board and wants to make sure she is “hitting all the points.”

“The subject of diversity to me is very important being mixed raced,” Boulden said. “I know that this event is one of the first big events that I’ve planned and I’m trying to pull out the culture that isn’t generally represented in the media.”

Boulden’s goal is to give everyone a platform and wants all people to come out and celebrate.

CAP Board president Megan Droege, junior early education and special education major, said that their “Latin Food Festival” would have been one of their bigger turnouts, expecting 100 plus people, if it weren’t for Covid.

“We are hoping that we can still have a big turnout, but we are going to make sure that every possible safety measure is in place,” Droege said.

She said wearing masks, social distancing and all other implemented safety measures will be strictly enforced.

This photo represents the efforts made to keep the Cabrini community safe. Photo taken from yahoo.

“It is important to celebrate this month, because the country gets to celebrate such a wonderful and beautiful heritage,” Droege said.

Droege hopes that people will take this opportunity to come out and support their fellow students, while being able to experience Hispanic Heritage for themselves. She stated since Cabrini is such a diverse community, this month and event specifically, will give the community the ability to share their backgrounds and learn more about each other.

Pura Vida, one of Cabrini’s clubs that provides a place for students to appreciate Hispanic traditions, is just one of the groups partnered with CAP board to make Hispanic Heritage Month memorable.

Pura Vida converses about social injustices in the community and held a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 29, to create new ideas for this month and for the next couple of weeks in October. The group wants to plan more events on top of Hispanic Heritage Month, including holding meet and greets where people come and talk about their life experiences, Hispanic backgrounds and their journeys to the position they are in now in life.

Hawirk Munoz, junior international business and political science major, is Pura Vida’s social media coordinator as of last semester. Munoz says she has two parents who are both Hispanic, which is what makes this month so special to celebrate. She talked about how this month gives her the opportunity to celebrate something she loves being.

Cabrini’s Pura Vida logo. Photo taken from Pura Vida’s twitter.

“I get to express my own heritage that I usually don’t do on a different day of the year,” Munoz said. “Its just something that’s a part of my life, it’s like a part of my identity besides being born American here, it’s something else that’s close to my heart.”

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Sophia Gerner

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