How college teams revenue is quantified through the NCAA

By Staff Writer
September 15, 2021

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

The NCAA is dedicated to college athletes and their success. Currently, there are 1,117 colleges and universities registered with the NCAA and 40 affiliated sports organizations.

Who makes up the NCAA? 

The NCAA estimates that half a million athletes make up the 19,750 teams. Additionally, they estimate that more than 52,500 participate in NCAA labeled events each year.

What ranks are included in the NCAA?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s motto, “Prioritizing academics, well-being, and fairness so college athletes can succeed on the field, in the classroom and for life.” In order to do so, the NCAA includes various ranks. These ranks include college presidents, athletic directors, faculty athletics representatives, compliance officers, conference staff, academic support staff, coaches, sports information directors and health and safety personnel.

How does the NCAA measure revenue for college teams?

It is also through the NCAA where revenue for college teams are measured and reported.


What are the top finances due to NCAA teams?

The schools who earned the top revenue are recorded by the NCAA.

Where does Cabrini University stand?

Brad Koch is the Director of Athletics and Recreation at Cabrini University.  Koch is responsible for the 19 NCAA Division III athletic programs on campus.
“Yes, most of our Athletic programs conduct fundraisers to help subsidize expenses throughout the year,” Koch said. “Unfortunately, I do not give out any financial information regarding our programs, as it is not best practice.”
Cabrini University’s form 990 does not directly revel the total of revenue raised specifically for the NCAA teams. Cabrini’s 990 form states, “The University’s governing documents and financial statements are not made available to the public …however, the conflict of interest policy is on the university website via the university handbook.” Even though an exact total could not be achieved regarding the budgets of Cabrini NCAA teams, looking further into the form 990 does indeed give indirect insight. For example, the golf tournament, which is a fund-raising event and does not involve student participants, had a gross income of $36, 825.




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