The countdown begins, 100 days until graduation

By Natalie Crawford
January 31, 2011

College has been an experience I will never ever forget. I remember like it was yesterday, my first day at Cabrini. Moving into House 2, meeting my roommate for the first time and trying to come to realization that from now on my life will never be the same, was a lot to deal with. It wasn’t easy adjusting to the college life but once I found my set group of friends the real memories were made.

Before college I used to count down the days until I would leave for Cabrini and now I’m already counting down the days until I leave for the “real world.” Knowing that there are only 100 days left until graduation stirs up a lot of emotions.

It is very exciting to think about graduating with all of my closest friends and to receive my diploma, knowing that all of my hard work in college paid off. But at the same time, it’s terrifying.

I love having the luxury to live with four of my best girl friends and still have our group of guy friends live right upstairs. Most juniors and seniors usually decide to move off campus but my group of friends, myself included decided to live in the on–campus apartments.  A lot of the times we just stay in our apartment but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun, sometimes we have more fun partying here than going out. We do have some pretty amazing times when we go out to bars though.

One of the best bars that holds a lot of memories with my friends and myself was good ‘ol Kildares in King of Prussia. Most of us spent our times there celebrating each other’s 21st birthdays and other special events. You knew your night would be a good time with the happy hour special, $12 all you can drink for two hours.

The other two bars that I think Cabrini dominates are Brownie’s 23 East and Buckhead’s. As soon as you turn 21 Brownie’s is the place to be on a Wednesday night. Going there with my girlfriends is always a great time. I’m without a doubt going to miss that so much after this semester is over. Especially the special of 50 cent beers and $2 mixed drinks from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. I certainly will also miss taking the “cheese bus” to Philly to go to Buckhead’s.

I don’t want to come across to people that some of my fondest memories at Cabrini are drinking, that’s not it at all. It’s about spending time with your favorite people that also happen to be my life-long friends. People say that you have to make your own fun on the weekends at Cabrini, which is true but at the same time you’re meeting people that will be your life-long friends.

I cannot wait for our senior trip, even though I have no idea what it is yet but as long as I’m with my friends I know it will be a blast. Within these 100 days left till graduation I plan on living it up to the fullest.

So now that I’ve mentioned all my wonderful memories and more to come in 100 days, there is also a sad side to this. Knowing that it’s only lasting for another 100 days. Besides leaving my best friends, it’s scary to think about the “real world.”

There’s so much pressure about getting a job right after graduation. Sometimes I feel like it’s easier said than done but you have to grow up sometime, right?

My goal for this semester is to make these 100 days left the time of my life. As my friend and I always say, “They say you only live once, but when you live like us, once is enough.”

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Natalie Crawford

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