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Year of Service: where faith and service coincide


Cabrini College promotes the Year of Service Organization, which is an extended opportunity for people to give the gift of service.

The Year of Service Organizations is a collection of associations that are connected through the Catholic Volunteer Network. The purpose of their interaction with Cabrini’s campus is for recent graduates to share their knowledge and open up their hearts to those in need.

Stephanie Salinis, campus minister, said in an interview via email that the school wants students to “engage with meaningful experiences that use their gifts for the betterment of others in our world.”

People who embark on the journey to serve others will be able to utilize their talents to help make an impact on those who are not as fortunate. For example, if you have the patience and ability to work with children, you can explore a social service opportunity that revolves around a community’s youth.

Those who are attracted to the program can decide how long they would want to serve for and what direction they would be interested in taking. There are over 200 organizations to select from so there is almost guaranteed to be a program to spark your interest. During the application process you do not necessarily get to pick exactly where you would like to serve; but the Catholic Volunteer Network looks at your interests and preferences and matches applicants with a program based on what they think they would be best suited for. There are plenty of circumstances to see what service is all about and the list ranges from homeless shelters to going overseas to work with international struggles.

Volunteers typically donate at least one year of their lives to helping out their selected organization. While they are there, they work in a full-time position and typically relocate to become more one with the community.

Cabrini has their own branch within the Catholic Volunteer Network called the Cabrini Mission Corps and their goal is to learn from one another through acts of service on campus and through the community. By collaborating with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, they are able to expand their desire for solidarity and share their mission with as many people as possible.

Campus Ministry also has a part in this effort. They assist students in selecting an appropriate program that fits their skills and interests, just as the Catholic Volunteer Network does, while also connecting students to volunteer fairs and representatives from the different programs. For those that are interested, the application process to be accepted into the Year of Service includes essays, recommendations and interviews. Salinis said “The process of applying requires a lot of self-reflection [but] there are always staff and faculty around campus willing to help to students with their application.”

To learn more information about the Year of Service Organization, contact Campus Ministry with any questions.

Lauren Hight

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Lauren Hight is a junior communication major and graphic design minor at Cabrini College. Besides being a staff writer for the Loquitur, Hight is a director for Campus Activities Programming (CAP) Board, captain of the Cavalier Dance Company, member of the LEADstrong program, student board member for Cabrini Day planning committee, SEARCH retreat leader, graphics team member for LOQation and on-air personality for Cavalier Radio WYBF F.M.

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