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Successful video game tournament

Videogame controller

Videogame controller

CapBoard hosted its first video game tournament Tuesday night, Jan 28. The tournament featured three different video games, Halo 4, Mario kart and super smash bros. Each game had its own individual tournament.

All the tournaments had double elimination where the losers of round one had a chance to redeem themselves in a loser bracket. In the losers bracket each competitor had to fight their way through to face off with the winner in the finals. “We decided on double elimination style tournaments to make it more fair for everyone,” junior CapBoard event planner Shawn Friel said. Over 20 people competed in each game.

The winner of Mario kart astonished everyone. Martin Garcia, a Cabrini missioner who played Mario Kart for his first time ever, was the victor. “I’ve never actually played Mario kart before,” Martin said. “Guess I’m just a natural at racing while throwing turtle shells at one another.” Despite his inexperience Garcia came out on top and was rewarded with a $50 gift card to Maggiano’s.

Moving onto Super Smash Bros, the more popular of the three games, the winner after a furious final round was Brendan Everitt, a senior business major.  “Tonight was a great time, they should really throw events like this more often,” Everitt said. Brendan’s victory came with a $50 visa gift card. When asked what he would spend it on Brendan responded with “most likely another new video game!”

Finally Halo 4 came down to an intense match up between myself and John Howard a junior Communication major better known as Scruff. Howard had lost in the his first face-off but was able to work his way up the losers bracket by defeating over seven different people. The final match came down to a single KO shot with only five seconds remaining causing Howard to lose the $50 Walmart gift card. “I thought I had him but he pulled a clutch move at the last second and overwhelmed me,” Scruff said.

Overall the tournament was a great success with a better outcome than expected. “We definitely will attempt to host another video game tournament sometime this semester,” Lauren Hight, a junior CapBoard member, said.

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