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Faculty forum informs staff about rites of passage

Rites of passage is a socialization program to empower girls by giving them a set of experiences, a presenter said Wednesday. “Once a week these girls met and did activities about conflict resolution and learned about female heroes,” a faculty member told an audience of approximately twenty-five faculty members at the Faculty Forum on Wednesday […]

The lunch and learn session informed students on enrollment trends in higher education for African American students. It was held Feb. 10 in Grace Hall. (Marina Haley / Staff Writer)

Graduation rates of African American students discussed at panel

The graduation rate of African American students is less than that of Caucasian students, said a speaker at the brown bag luncheon. The brown bag luncheon is a place where students and faculty can come and learn about the enrollment rates at Cabrini in comparison to student rates on a national level. This information is compared […]

Dr. Alia Sheety presenting on honor killings at the faculty forum on Feb. 11. (Jill Nawoyski / Asst. News Editor)

Professor sheds light on honor killings

In the 21st century, some Palestinian women in Israel are being murdered to save the honor of their families, a Cabrini professor revealed in a research presentation on campus. Dr. Alia S. Sheety, a Palestinian Israeli herself, presented her research on honor killings at the Faculty Forum on Wednesday, Feb. 11. Sheety addressed her fellow […]

(Abbie Keefe / Asst. News Editor)

Convergence of childhood obesity and hunger

9 a.m. Welcome “Both childhood obesity and childhood hunger go hand in hand,” an experienced advisor to Philadelphia food recovery projects, teacher for innovative sustainability and researcher on food security, water security and global food waste, said. Steven M. Finn, along with many other professionals, gathered throughout the day on Fri., Feb. 20 from 8 […]

New VP for marketing and communications Celia Cameron. (

New V.P. appointed for marketing and communications

Celia Cameron has earned the title of vice president for marketing and communications for the college and has the background to prove it. Cameron has the experience of working at educational institutions, prior to her current position at Cabrini. She has worked at Lehigh University, The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Fordham University as well […]

Senior guards Vinny Walls and Aaron Walton-Moss combined for 34 points in the win over Cairn University.

Men’s basketball knocks down Cairn Highlanders

Men’s basketball extended their streak with a fifth win over Cairn University, placing a 101-54 victory. Saturday,  Feb. 14, men’s basketball made a stamp in the conference with a huge 47 point victory in Cairn University’s gym. Almost close to another triple double, senior guard Aaron Walton-Moss set a career high 18 rebounds and to […]

Employers say graduates are not prepared

Each college student attends class every day with a goal in mind that in four years they will be prepared to interview, get a job and be successful in building a career. However, according to two national surveys of business and nonprofit leaders and current college students, conducted by Hart Research Associates and the Association of […]

Video presentation during the senior food security forum on Monday, Feb. 16. (Abbie Keefe / Asst. News Editor)

Convergence of childhood obesity and hunger Preview

The topic of childhood obesity and hunger will be brought to Grace Hall this month. This is a significant topic about how both issues are related and what the community can do to progress after the discussion is held. Dr. Maria Elena Hallion, associate professor of the exercise science and health promotion department, put together […]

Graphic designed by Joey Rettino

Lower gas prices affect fuel-spending behaviors and physical activity

The lot of the Sunoco gas station, on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, is busier since the new year. According to the American Automobile Association, the current average price for gasoline in Pennsylvania is $2.37. The Sunoco’s price for regular gasoline presently matches the states average at the AAA’s listed price. Sunoco is not alone. The […]

Photo Submitted by Cathy Yungmann and Amber Marshall

Founder’s Day takes a look at food preservation

Food waste is the third largest greenhouse gas emission. Dr. Cathy Yungmann as well as Dr. Tom O’Donnell advised and guided students through interviews with services in Philadelphia and Chester working to eliminate this. Senior students Greg Smith, Lauren Hight, Nick Cipollone and Amber Marshall presented on the issue. These four students spent the past […]

Dr. Richard Miller of Creighton University spoke about climate change during Founder’s Day Feb. 16. (Jill Nawoyski / Asst. News Editor

Founder’s Day: Celebrating Sister Ursala Infante

13 of the hottest 15 years on record have all occurred since the year 2000 and the odds of this happening without global warming are not very good, this year’s Founder’s Day speaker said. Founder’s Day is a day that honors the birthday of Cabrini’s founder, Sister Ursula Infante, MSC. “She was known to possess […]

Founder’s Day to focus on climate change

Founder’s Day is a day in which we all come together to remember the legacy of Mother Ursula Infante, who founded this college. This year Founder’s Day is being celebrated on Monday, Feb. 16. The speaker will be Richard W. Miller, director of the M.A. in Theology, from Creighton University. Miller will be speaking about The […]

Photo illustration by Amy Held / Photo Editor

Leighanne’s story: A close encounter with human trafficking

She hopped off of a flight, tired and ready for bed. After spending a few days out of the country for a friend’s wedding and then a camping trip with other friends, Leighanne was just ready to to check into her hotel and pass out. Earlier, her mother had called the hotel, one that conveniently […]

Digital and social media majors Chris Fonte and Joe Finn portraying gang members during the #RefugeesSeekingSafety simulation. (Jill Nawoyski / Asst. News Editor)

Simulation educates campus on refugee children fleeing Central America

LOQation’s coverage of Father Bechina’s visit and insight on human trafficking Imagine crossing borders, leaving behind loved ones, carrying no more than the clothes on your back and the memories of your past, because the gang violence was too unbearable. 68,541 unaccompanied minors have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border in the 2014 fiscal year […]

Marie Porta gives a look into law school

Cabrini alumna Marie Porta came to Cabrini to discuss her experience with law. Porta was a history and political science major while attending Cabrini.  With aspirations of being a lawyer since the third grade, Porta moved on to law school. After graduating from Widener Law, she went into various positions practicing law before becoming the […]

Sister Terry Shields presents during “A Dawning Reality” presentation. (Amy Held / Photo Editor)

Human trafficking: A dawning reality

The importance of the education on human trafficking in society was discussed at an event by a president of a safe-house for post-sexual exploitation. “I can say that I am one of the founders of Dawn’s Place, but in reality, Dawn’s Place found me,” Sister Terry Shields, co-founder and president of Dawn’s Place,  a non-profit […]

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Thursday Briefing – Week of Feb. 12, 2015

Feb. 2: Obama’s budget On Monday Feb. 2 President Obama released a $4 trillion budget  that relies on large tax increases for corporations and the wealthy in order to support efforts to improve education, infrastructure construction and workforce development, all things President Obama claimed have waited too long. While some elements are in agreement with […]

Work study students suffer from scholarship cut

Recently, students who work on campus have had a little free-time on their hands.  Cabrini has decided to make a cut in work-study students’ hours.  Instead of allotting students up to $2,000 per semester, it has been cut down to $1,000.  This is causing concern and budgeting problems for some students. During college, many students are […]

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Thursday Briefing – Week Jan. 29, 2015

Jan. 21: State of the Union President Obama sent a brave and bold message as to the course of his final two years in office during his sixth State of the Union Address. Obama has significantly improved the economy during his administration. As he does not have any elections to campaign, Obama aims to focus […]

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Thursday Briefing – Week of Feb. 5, 2015

Winter Storm Juno Jan. 27 Just because the tri-state area didn’t receive the hyped up fury of Snowmageddon, doesn’t mean the New England area did not. New England received the brunt of a blizzard last week, which shut down street parking and schools. Not only did the region receive a bombardment of snow, but some […]

The "Mindful" vegetarian station in the cafeteria. (Brianna Morrell / Asst. Social Media Editor)

Being ‘Mindful’ to the students in the cafeteria

 LOQation’s coverage on the new Mindful station in Cav’s Corner Cabrini dining is making major steps into improving the quality and quantity of the food selections in the cafeteria. Many food choices are available for students to receive and enjoy all throughout the day. While the mixed reviews on the food spin out around campus, […]