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Ben Nanna, class of 2011, now works full- time at the YMCA (Ben Nanna/Submitted Photo)

The lives of Cabrini alumni post-graduation

“I love what I do, I love coming to work every day. I love being able to recruit for my alma mater,” Emily Fiore said, class of 2012 and now current admissions counselor. Fiore found herself in the lucky 92 percent of graduates who find employment less than one year after graduation, a statistic provided […]

First year students (right to left) Justin Austin, Devyn Rossner, Landon Murphy and Tyheim Monroe hanging out in their room.

Residential changes stretches campus capacity with increase of students

Residential buildings on campus went through a extreme makeovers to accommodate all current and incoming students for the fall semester. For nine months out of the year students call Cabrini home and housing placements can make or break a college experience especially for students on campus. Especially first-year students students who experience the most changes […]


Residence life shifts offices as well as employees

Throughout the summer and into the start of the current semester, the Office of Residence Life has undergone several changes. With a new office, new personnel and new dynamics, the office is prepared for whatever the academic year may bring.

Infographic showing statistics about rape and attempted rape. (Graphic designed by Joey Rettino)

The Policy Institute: A conversation about rape

One in four women in college will experience rape or attempted rape. On Friday, Aug. 15 2014, Cabrini College held the Policy Institute for the first time in its history. The conference centered around policies and actions that must take place if/when rape occurs on campuses, workplaces and organizations. The main objectives were to raise […]

Six long-time faculty retire in spring of 2014

“I think when it comes to a total stop, and I’m not even sure when that’s going to be, I think by then we’ll know what it’s like to be retired.” Education professor Shirley Dixon was one of six full-time faculty that retired in the spring of 2014. Along with Dixon, Dr. Joseph Roma- no, […]

As each day passes, tension continues to rise in the city of Ferguson, MO. (MCT)

Brown vs. police brutality

As a racially equal nation, Americans are taught that the police enforcement is here to serve and protect us. However, numerous events in history have shown our protectors have used excessive force on innocent victims.

Outgoing senior class is small in comparison to the incoming first-year students.

Class of 2018 arrives on campus in great numbers

The start of the fall academic year brings new faces to the Cabrini Campus, on August 22, 2014 Cabrini welcomed nearly 500 first-year students for orientation week. Students of all backgrounds traveled from near and far to start their college careers as Cavaliers.


Campus construction: for better or for worse

Walking around on your first day of classes, you might notice something different about the hallways. Certain rooms and offices were being renovated, reconfigured or relocated altogether this summer. Some of the key changes for students may be the relocation of the Center for Career and Professional Development, Counseling, Student Life, Residence Life and the […]

Cabrini men's soccer team travel to Bermuda and visit famous Horseshoe Beach

Cabrini soccer teams immerse in new culture while playing abroad

Following another good season, the Cabrini men’s soccer team adventured to Bermuda this summer during their offseason. During their stay, the Cavs took on the challenge of playing two Bermuda national teams. The Cavs not only played two national teams but they also were given the opportunity to learn and embrace a different culture.

Amarra Boone/Photo Editor

Somebody new on campus: Don Taylor

Constant strokes of his stripped purple, black and gold necktie ensured that it laid flat atop his shirt. Periodic sips from a Cabrini College labeled water bottle (that always found its way back to its coaster) implied that he was preparing for some long-winded answers. He sat at an angle in a wooden chair at […]

The fight for ethical jewelry

Have you ever looked down at the bracelet you are wearing and thought about where it came from? Ethically sourced jewelry is a topic on the rise and is teaching people about the blood, sweat and tears that could have gone into making their favorite accessory.

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

“You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” based on the well-know comic strip “Peanuts” was full of whimsical colors, charming characters and adorable humor. On April 11, the cast and crew performed one of their last showings of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Directed by Thomas R. Stretton, Jr, this musical that fondly commemorates the […]

Cotton picking in Uzbekistan: ‘volunteer’ or forced labor?

Cotton is a staple fiber that grows in a boll. After being harvested, cotton is spun into yarn or thread. It is the world’s most widely used textile, with over 29 million tons of cotton produced every year. However, the fabric that makes up a majority of consumers’ favorite clothing and blankets could be hiding […]

Factory deaths brings attention to sweatshop clothing

People hear “fair trade” and they automatically associate it with food. However, fair trade takes on other forms as well. Fair trade has become much more of a topic of concern in the clothing industry. In light of 2013-factory crash in Bangladesh, fair trade activist have fought to help people understand the source of where […]

Consumer guide to ethical clothing

As consumers, we are constantly buying the newest trends. However, there is also a very high probability that most people do not think about where their clothing items come from before they buy them. For many, the origin of their shirt, shorts or sweater remains a mystery. Many don’t realize that the cotton that makes […]

He gives a face to those who made your clothes

Kelsey Timmerman has a wife and two kids and lives in Indiana with his family. He is a man who wanted to travel the world and find out where everyday things like clothes or food came from. He loves to experience new people and learn about their stories. He is a speaker and a writer. He […]