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Cabrini Workshop Gets You Familiar with You

On September 30, 2015, director of the center of Student Engagement and Leadership, Anne Filippone and assistant director, Amber LaJeunesse, held their second “Know Yourself” workshop in the Iadorola building in room 118. The LEADstrong hosts have been running self awareness workshops since the Fall of 2011, but this one marks only the second annual […]

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Trump and Clinton continue to lead in polls for presidential election

Based on the most recent polls announced by major news outlets (including FOX news, CNN, NBC and Wall Street Journal, CBS and New York Times), Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remain in the lead for their respective parties for the 2016 presidential election. More recently, Trump has faced growing opposition in the Republican Party from […]

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New graduate program students are offered orientation

Cabrini College has many graduate programs and since they have been growing, the college decided it was time to get the graduate students more involved with the campus. The first orientation for graduate students was held over this past summer and they plan to have one this upcoming summer as well. “The orientation is for […]


Mental health plagues students

Mental illness affects the lives of thousands of students.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students averaging about 1,100 a year. Troubled by her brother Brian’s suicide, Alison Malmon was puzzled by how few people talked about mental health issues.  Two years after Brian’s passing, Malmon created Open Minds, a mental health […]

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What is Active Minds?

Active Minds is the leading national nonprofit organization working to engage the student voice to change the conversation about mental health. “Through a rapidly growing network of more than 400 student-led chapters at colleges and universities, Active Minds is providing information, leadership opportunities and advocacy training to the next generation,” Maggie Bertram said. “Powerful national […]

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Woodcrest Magazine portrays award-winning campus stories

Woodcrest Magazine is an award-winning literary magazine run by the English department.  The title of the magazine ste ms from the college’s old yearbook called Woodcrest Yearbook. Originally the magazine was only available in the print version, which was started by Dr. Seth Frechie, English professor. Since 2010, Dr. Amy Persichetti has been the faculty adviser […]

College says goodbye to IST 125

IST 125 has been one of the many required courses for Cabrini College students for a long time up until this year. IST was a class based on learning skills of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access. Now incoming freshmen, starting with this year’s current freshmen class, have to take placement tests when they attend […]

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College works to stop assaults on campus

With sexual assaults being taken more seriously across the country, Cabrini has taken steps in order to keep students and staff safe. Cabrini took the initiative to hire an investigator and educa- tion officer to ensure the school make better, more informed de- cisions when it comes to prevent- ing and dealing with sexual mis- […]


Commentary: My time at the papal visit

About 1 million people this past week made the journey to Philadelphia. Some came from as far as Vietnam and others coming from right in the city, but all of them were coming for the same reason, Pope Francis. I was one of those people. On Sept. 26 and 27, I made the hour trek […]

ECG professor focuses on food insecurity and hunger

One in every six people suffer from food insecurity. Dr. Tom O’Donnell, a fairly new professor at Cabrini College, has been educating students in his ECG classes about how big of an is- sue food insecurity is. O’Donnell, an employee of the Environmental Protection Agency, brought his passion for changing the status of food insecurity […]


College encourages students to register to vote

On Monday Sept. 21, the Wolfington Center put three tables around campus for students to register to vote. Cabrini encourages everyone to vote in the 2016 presidential election and they want to make sure students are registered to vote so that they can have the opportunity to change America. Two of Cabrini’s new missioners, Morgan […]

Class of 2015 students continue on to graduate programs

About 26 percent of college graduates enroll in a graduate program within one year of graduation. Continuing on to grad school has often questioned to be worth it. Some of the forces behind the desire for students to continue on with their schooling are personal growth, greater employment opportunities, career advancement, financial reward, sense of […]

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The Pope’s special visit to Philadelphia

From Sept. 25 to Sept. 27, Pope Francis will be visiting the United States. This is the first time any Pope would be attending the World Meeting of Families in years. His first stop will be in Washington D.C., then New York and finally completing his tour in Philadelphia. With the pope coming to the […]

Two new majors announced for students to study

This year, two new majors are being launched: gender and body studies in the English department and black studies in the history and political science department. “Developing innovative new programs at Cabrini to meet the demands of our current and future students has been an exciting focus for our faculty since the arrival of our […]

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Being Hispanic along with Diversity

People do not understand the differences among nationalities when Hispanics are grouped together, students at a recent Diversity meeting explained. Student Diversity is an organization here on Cabrini’s cam- pus that allows students to give insight on how they feel regarding the topic of diversity. “Being Hispanic” was a topic recently discussed not only by […]


Enrollment rises on campus

Today, a lot of schools, especially Catholic schools, are struggling. They are having trou- ble keeping their enrollment up and their tuition down. Fortunately, Cabrini is not one of those schools. In January, Cabrini’s president Dr. Donald Taylor announced that Cabrini would freeze tuition through May of 2016. Just a few months later, it was […]


Commentary: My experience at Ally 101 Training

What does being an ally mean? Being an ally means standing alongside someone. With regard to gays, lesbians, transgendered and others, it means someone who takes a stand against oppres- sion. An ally works to be a part of social change rather than being a part of the oppression or some- one who is merely […]

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Professors teach at local high schools

Cabrini has a history of academic and co-curricular partnerships with local, national and international resources. The college partners up with local and nearby Philadelphia high schools to offer quality educational opportunities between secondary and higher education institutions. High school students can enroll in a number of courses on Cabrini’s campus, and some classes are offered […]

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Career and Professional Development Center welcomes new staff members

Kareem Calliste is the new Assistant Director for the Center of Career and Professional Development. Calliste is a New York native born and raised in Brooklyn and attended Lincoln University where he received two bachelor degrees in political science and secondary education. He then went back to Brooklyn after he graduated Lincoln in 2003. Due […]


Campus welcomes 12 new professors

This year, the members of the class of 2019 are not the only ones who are starting their journey at Cabrini. The college has taken on 12 new faculty members, one of the largest group of new hires ever recorded. “There’s actually several reasons [for the new hires],” Dr. Mary Harris, the Dean for Academic […]