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Gloria Richardson, civil rights pioneer and this year’s recipient of the Ivy Young Willis and Martha Dale Award, in a standoff during a riot. (Creative Commons)

Civil rights leader to receive prestigious award for women’s leadership

Gloria Richardson, a civil rights pioneer, was chosen to receive the Ivy Young Willis and Martha Willis Dale Award. Each year, the history and political science department recognizes a woman who has made a great contribution to the civic life of her society and this year, Richardson exemplifies this and will be the recipient. “Gloria […]

Dr. Hosffman Ospino, professor at Boston College. (

Hispanics transforming American Catholic church, speaker says

This is a journey of the transformation of Catholicism and without faith you cannot have culture, a Boston College professor of Hispanic ministry said Wednesday, March 18. “From the 1930s there was no official word for Latin Americans. The unofficial word used around the United States was ‘The Spanish Speaking.’” People became offended because some […]

Photo submitted by Richie Gebauer

LLC leader receives award for integrating freshmen faster

Staff have the opportunity to do something extraordinary too. The director of the first-year experience was one of 10 people in the nation to receive the Outstanding First-year Advocate award from Cengage Learning and The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition on Mar. 3. “Ultimately at the end of the […]

(Submitted by Matt Kaehler)

SEARCH: A chance for reflection

Campus Ministry offered an experience for students to take a step back from everyday life and reflect on their personal and spiritual image. The Search retreat was held in the Pocono Mountains of White Haven, Pa., which provided a very scenic aspect filled with stars and lakes for the three-day event. “The main focus of […]

Jill Smith, Jake Verterano and Nick Guldin presenting to senior communication majors. (Jill Nawoyski / Asst. News Editor)

Alumni return to address senior communication majors

“Being a Cabrini alumni does not just mean that a student graduated from Cabrini. It means that they will have a lifetime worth of connections,” a Cabrini alumnus said to a group of senior communication majors. “If you’re really passionate about something, don’t let go of it. You never know when an opportunity will come […]

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.21.28 AM

Students get a second chance at housing lottery

    Following “much consideration,” the Residence Life office decided to re-open the housing applications for students who did not receive a lottery number for housing next fall. Emails were sent out at 8:00PM on Tuesday, March 24 from Akirah Massenburg, assistant director for housing and programming. While Massenburg declined to give a statement, the […]

Mary J Anders discusses sexual assault during a presentation in Grace Hall.  (Abbie Keefe / Asst. News Editor)

Bystanders of sexual assault are important aspects, speaker says

A detective who has worked in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office for over 20 years thinks that the bystander is an important aspect of any sexual assault case. “We get the victims, we get the bully, but how many people would understand the bystander [of sexual assault],” said Mary J. Anders, who has worked […]

Tressa Setlak giving a presentation on sexual violence, including speaking up and the importance of the bystander. (Jill Nawoyski / Asst. News Editor)

Sexual violence: it’s on us

One in three college students date someone whom they hurt or who hurts them, said a sergeant from the public safety department to a presentation of a group of faculty and students. “A simple, ‘Are you okay?’ speaks volumes,” said public safety officer Tressa Setlak, while giving her presentation, “Sexual Violence – it’s on us.” […]

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 11.10.54 AM

Time to embrace Spanish language: it is on the rise

According the U.S. Census Bureau, The U.S. is the fifth largest Spanish speaking country in the world, behind Mexico, Spain, Columbia and Argentina. The trend is expecting to increase, as the Cuban writer Humberto Lopez Morales stated that America will have the largest number of Spanish speakers by 2050.


Cabrini is ready to be re-accredited

Cabrini seems to be ready to be re-accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and Schools next week. Middle States will send eight non-Cabrini affiliated volunteers from other institutions to spend March 22 to 25 with Cabrini students, faculty, staff and administrators to gauge if Cabrini is meeting the Middle State’s 14 “Standards […]

(Howard Blake III / Sports Editor)

Alumni give back for 10th annual alumni mentoring

Over 50 Cabrini sophomore and junior communication majors gathered to meet with 11 alumni for the communication department’s 10th annual alumni mentoring event. It was held on March 17 in Grace Hall. About five students sat around each table with an alumnus or alumna and exchanged resumes, portfolios and described their skill set they have […]

First Lenten Lecture speaker presented in the grace hall boardroom.  (Photo Credit: Brianna Morrell)

Joy, hope and justice in the first Lenten lecture series presentation

Humility is what makes us unafraid, a presenter said on Wednesday evening. “My fondness of Gaudium et Spes comes from the work I have done in the prisons I have worked in,” a speaker from Villanova University said to an audience of approximately fifteen people in the Grace Hall board room at the Lenten Lecture on […]

On the right is Marissa with her disorder. Her eyes are dark and sunken.  Her hair was like straw and her skin was dead.  On the left is Marissa with bright skin, eyes, and healthy hair. (Submitted Photo)

The presence of eating disorders on a college campus

Eating disorders have a prominent presence in college-aged students.  Many of those who suffer keep it to themselves, starving their need for help.  Second-year Rowan College student Marissa Velez is all too familiar with the struggle to stay thin. After being diagnosed in January 2014 with anorexia nervosa, Velez was brave enough to tell her story. […]

The facade of the church at the mission. (Erica Abbott / News Editor)

Experiencing community in Guatemala

There are moments in life where we are put to the test. Moments where we encounter obstacles–everyone has them. Over spring break, two faculty members, one Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart, one Cabrini missioner and 11 students traveled to Guatemala–the land of eternal spring. On the surface, Guatemala is a paradise: you see cherry […]

Students who attended the NOLA trip. (Mackenzie Harris / Editor in Chief)

A week of serving with the community of New Orleans

Imagine your home. Imagine your bedroom, your kitchen, your garage door and your family. Now imagine what your life would be like if water rushed into the entire city and you lost everything. Everything you once knew was completely gone, your school, house, neighborhood, were all demolished. Seven students and two faculty and staff members traveled […]


Library classroom closed due to asbestos

The ground floor computer lab in the Holy Spirit Library was quarantined for three days due to asbestos exposure. According to Dawn Barnett, director of facilitates, on the morning of Sunday, March 8, a heating pipe was discovered to have cracked on the main floor of the Library. which caused damage to the ceiling of […]

A day without an adjunct in higher education

Adjunct faculty members are sometimes referred to as the invisible class of higher education due to their low salaries, lack of benefits, little work security and their inability to participate in decisions of the college. Feb. 25, or “National Adjunct Walk Out Day,” is a day when adjunct professors across the country decided to take a […]

Faculty forum informs staff about rites of passage

Rites of passage is a socialization program to empower girls by giving them a set of experiences, a presenter said Wednesday. “Once a week these girls met and did activities about conflict resolution and learned about female heroes,” a faculty member told an audience of approximately twenty-five faculty members at the Faculty Forum on Wednesday […]

The lunch and learn session informed students on enrollment trends in higher education for African American students. It was held Feb. 10 in Grace Hall. (Marina Haley / Staff Writer)

Graduation rates of African American students discussed at panel

The graduation rate of African American students is less than that of Caucasian students, said a speaker at the brown bag luncheon. The brown bag luncheon is a place where students and faculty can come and learn about the enrollment rates at Cabrini in comparison to student rates on a national level. This information is compared […]

Dr. Alia Sheety presenting on honor killings at the faculty forum on Feb. 11. (Jill Nawoyski / Asst. News Editor)

Professor sheds light on honor killings

In the 21st century, some Palestinian women in Israel are being murdered to save the honor of their families, a Cabrini professor revealed in a research presentation on campus. Dr. Alia S. Sheety, a Palestinian Israeli herself, presented her research on honor killings at the Faculty Forum on Wednesday, Feb. 11. Sheety addressed her fellow […]

(Abbie Keefe / Asst. News Editor)

Convergence of childhood obesity and hunger

9 a.m. Welcome “Both childhood obesity and childhood hunger go hand in hand,” an experienced advisor to Philadelphia food recovery projects, teacher for innovative sustainability and researcher on food security, water security and global food waste, said. Steven M. Finn, along with many other professionals, gathered throughout the day on Fri., Feb. 20 from 8 […]

New VP for marketing and communications Celia Cameron. (

New V.P. appointed for marketing and communications

Celia Cameron has earned the title of vice president for marketing and communications for the college and has the background to prove it. Cameron has the experience of working at educational institutions, prior to her current position at Cabrini. She has worked at Lehigh University, The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Fordham University as well […]