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New registrar heads Cavalier Express Center

Deborah Ebbert

Deborah Ebbert


Debroah Ebbert is the new addition to the Cavalier Express Center. Ebbert started her career as a registrar doing mainly system work at Chestnut Hill College for five years before starting at Cabrini.

The Cavalier Express Center provides a variety of different services for Cabrini students including accepting bill payments, providing a checkup on financial aid packages, accepting financial aid forms, registering for classes, adding and dropping classes, requesting a transcript, and finding out where classes meet. Ebbert is now able to help students with a hands on approach and help students with whatever they need.

Ebbert found out about this job by pure curiosity. While looking over Ebbert noticed the position available that Cabrini was offering. While coming across the position Ebbert wasn’t necessarily looking for a new job. “I just happened to read the email one day and thought ‘well heck at least I’m still at Chestnut Hill’ and I did love it there very much but it turned out that this was the place for me”.

“I love the small college,” Ebbert said. Before being employed at Chestnut Hill she spent almost 15 years at Temple University. Going from Temple to Chestnut Hill was a big difference for Ebbert but she enjoys the smaller school. “It’s great, it’s really wonderful,” Ebbert said talking about her experience so far here at Cabrini.

“I really liked getting to know the students here,” Ebbert said. She enjoys the fact that the registrar office gets more involved in advising and recommending students classes and keeping them on track. The Cavalier Express Center will be doing an online degree audit shortly as well, according to Ebbert. “I’m really enjoying getting to know the staff and the students and the faculty,” Ebbert said.

Debroah Ebbert director of the Cavalier Express Center can be reached through her Cabrini College email at or by phone 610-902-8547. Students may also contact the Cavalier Express Center at 610-902-8188. It is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Wednesday from 8 a.m to 7 p.m.

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