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ASK Blue 14 –Far, Far Away


Ask Blue 14–Far, Far Away

Dear Blue,

Recently I have been going back and forth with the idea of studying abroad. Most of my friends have or are going too. My friends, who have studied abroad, have come back with amazing stories and seemed to have enjoyed it. I really want to study abroad but I don’t know how to go about it. I’m also scared I might get homesick and won’t enjoy myself. What should I do?


Expanding my Horizons


Dear Expanding My Horizons,

It is okay to be uneasy! You aren’t alone in the process. Have you talked to your parents, or advisor? You should first talk to your parents, to make sure they are okay with you going abroad. Then talk to your advisor about scheduling and if you are eligible for the time off or can get credit for classes taken. Also, the best part about Cabrini is they not only offer semester study abroad, but they also offer courses where you study abroad for a week! So if you aren’t sure if you can handle a semester away, you can always look into those courses. Cabrini has a lot to offer, so go out there and explore; but remembers to talk to your parents and advisor first!



Jennarose DiGiacomo

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