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Another win keeps men’s basketball’s undefeated record


Cabrini’s men’s basketball powered through their match up against Cairn University on Monday, Feb. 10, maintaining their perfect record of 19-0 for the season.

The Cavaliers kept an early lead as the first half began, only allowing around seven to 11 points. This turned around as the first half was coming to a close and the Cavaliers gained a 16 point lead, ultimately ending the first half at 58-44.

Junior Aaron Walton-Moss had 10 points in Cabrini's last meet-up with Cairn, but this time sat out due to a foot injury. (Dan Luner/Photo Editor)

Junior Aaron Walton-Moss had 10 points in Cabrini’s last meet-up with Cairn, but sat out this time due to a foot injury. (Dan Luner/Photo Editor)

They then shone through at the start of the second half as they gained a 24 point lead in the first four minutes. Cairn came back, slightly, as they increased their deficit by only 12 points.
The Cavaliers never gave up their lead. Cairn came as close as six points away from a victory, but Cabrini came through to win from the free throw line with a final score of 103-96.

This win came as no surprise when looking at this season’s record. Building on an undefeated record of 19-0, Assistant Coach Saleem Brown stated that the coaches are “excited that we have an undefeated record at this point in the season.”

When asked about the game, senior Jon Miller seemed excited about the outcome but was hoping for a bigger win.

Brown expressed the coaching staff’s plan for maintaining the momentum the team has built. He stated that “as a coaching staff our job is to keep our guys working hard in practice as well as in games” in an effort to ensure that the team stays “sharp mentally and physically.”
Based on the record thus far and the drive that the team possesses when facing every opponent, it is not doubtful that they can continue with this success.

After last week’s storm, the team was forced to postpone multiple games due to the weather. As they make up for lost time, it is expected that they will receive the same outcome as the last 19 games.

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