Zielinski keeps on track

By Catherine Dilworth
December 6, 2001

Kristin Zielinski is on the Cabrini cross country and track team. Kristin has been running since she was in seventh grade. She was interested from just the introduction of the sport. She was in the athletics department and heard about this thing called track. She thought to herself, I’ll try that. As soon as her first meet came she knew she was born to run.

“I have been running for nine years. With every meet I feel more and more like I have gone a little bit faster. With every race I feel like I gain speed,” Kristen said. Kristin’s love for running has brought her many accomplishments. “I am most proud of the fact that I have managed to run first team all pack my whole college career.” Since Kristin has joined the cross-country team at Cabrini she has consistently improved. “I fell like these past three and a half years has been my best on the track. Not only have I won meets, made great friends, and improved my skills, but also I have learned discipline and dedication. These two intangibles is something that is earned on the track or any playing field.”

Kristin runs winter and summer cross-country for a distance of 3.1 miles and runs the 800 in track. As a track-star Kristin has learned a lot about herself. “It is amazing how the human body has such strength and ability. When I run I can feel my heart start to beat faster. It is like a pendulum pacing my speed.” Kristin knows that there is people out in the stands cheering for her, especially her Dad. “I want to thank my Dad for coming to all my meets and supporting me through my accomplishments.” Kristin says she is in her own little world when she runs. “It is just me and that finish line doing what needs to get done.”

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Catherine Dilworth

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