You say you want a revolution

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October 3, 2002

The college is on the brink of a revolution. Serious plans are in the works for new residence halls as each year’s freshmen class grows larger. As more majors are offered, more ground will be broken for buildings to support the newest interests with modern technology and resources.

This weekend, it is Student Activities’ turn to push the revolution with an entirely fresh Family Weekend.

Led by Jason Bozzone, a young director in the president’s cabinet, Student Activities is planning a full weekend for our families to share in growing college pride. In past years, events have happened, and that’s all there is to say – they happened. What’s great about the plans for activities this year is the enthusiasm with which they are backed. President Iadarola is leading the charge and she wants pride, with a fun twist.

The ordinary dances that make you sweat and remove your thong, like in one recent case, are about to change, too. No longer will they simply open the doors, kill the lights, turn up the tunes and call it a party. Under Bozzone, Student Activities promises decorations, a safer environment and food.

With the innovative activities planned for the year, it is a completely remodeled Student Activates board under a lively young director who is passionate about having a good time.

It is essential to the revolution that students and faculty understand that Cabrini activities are only as good as you make them. The revamped Student Activities board will do their part, so do yours.

Instead of sitting in a dorm room or apartment indulging in long nights of inebriation, be a part of the change. Never again will a group of Cabrini students be able to say that they made it happen.

Never again will we be the leading force of a lasting revolution. If we do this the right way, Cabrini will remember us and we will have our memories of Cabrini forever.

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