Your King of Prussia Parking Issues Resolved

By Kevin McLaughlin
November 20, 2019

During the holiday season, parking at the King of Prussia mall becomes a critical issue. The largest mall in America in terms of square feet becomes a major attraction for Christmas shopping. With the addition of the MyPark app there is now a solution for open spaces to park.

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Reservations for parking customers are now an option for many at the King of Prussia Mall. With the newly added MyPark app, there are now parking spaces to purchase.

There are free spots for those who reserve on time for a half-hour. For every hour a $3 charge is activated. After a quick setup of the payment card information is processed, the reservations open up for each and every day.

The app was officially released back in the month of October. Now that stores are beginning to offer deals on gift ideas King of Prussia seeks to have as many customers as possible.

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Marcus Collazo, sophomore student, was not familiar with the app at first. However, he would be willing to give it a chance. “I personally haven’t heard of the app,” Collazo said. “Although I’ll definitely give it a shot.” Collazo and his family have spent many years at this mall and would benefit from a parking spot they will have no worries about. “My family and I always shop there for Christmas so it’d be great to have that access,” Collazo said. Collazo believes the app would benefit many Cabrini students especially. “Instead of waiting for the shuttle you could easily have an open spot reserved for whatever time you need Collazo said.

Mike Lelli, sophomore student, is also not familiar with the app. “I shop there a lot but I’ve never heard of the app before,” Lelli said. “Parking can be a huge pain so I’d be willing to check it out.” Lelli, like Collazo, were both fond of trying the app to benefit the assurance of having a spot whenever possible.

Jafet Velez, sophomore student, has heard of the app before. “I wasn’t that interested in the app even though I drive there regularly,” Velez said. “There’s no point in paying in extra money for keeping my car there.” Velez is willing to wait for open space as opposed to paying the $3 for every hour. Velez does, however, believe this app could benefit many who shop for gifts during the holiday season. “The app definitely makes sense and I couldn’t blame anyone for using it,” Velez said.

Jon Papp, sophomore student, was familiar with app. “I think it’s useful and will help my family and I out this year,” Papp said. “I am also on a tight schedule so I can’t always rely on a shuttle for transportation.” Papp believes this app would benefit Cabrini students with cars on campus. “With all the work we have to cram in before the break we have to find our own time to get there,” Papp said. “The students here should look into the app and at least give it a try.”

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Kevin McLaughlin

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