50 years in the making

By Ryan Kirby
October 4, 2007

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Ryan Kirby
staff writer

Fifty years ago 43 women came to Cabrini College for its first year, thirsty for knowledge, opportunity and the chance to earn their college degree. Now Cabrini serves more than 3,000 graduate and undergraduate students.

There have been vast improvements in the landscape of the college in a short amount of time, but there has also been glaring problems unaddressed by administrators. So is this new dawn in the life of the college an exciting time to be a part of the Cabrini community?

I don’t feel the excitement, but I feel the frustration of being here for four years and never having as many complaints about Cabrini as I do now.

In my four years there has been a lot done to improve Cabrini, at least physically. The S.E.T building, West Residence Hall and Dixon Field have all expanded on all already beautiful campus.

The S.E.T building gave us a second place to have classes and gave us new classrooms and labs that Founder’s Hall could not provide. West Residence gave upper classmen an alternative to the apartments and a chance for students to live on campus all four years. Dixon Field is a turf stadium used by several of our athletic teams that is state of the art and replaced an old dirt and rock ridden field.

Enhancing the physical nature of Cabrini is something that has been a huge success and in our 50th anniversary it is important to recognize these advancements. But for students like myself it is tantamount to the amount of problems in our community that have had students upset for the past few years.

I know that for me freshman year was the best year to be a student on campus, and each year has been worse and worse since then.

The first 50 years of Cabrini College have obviously brought about many positive changes. But in the past four the glaring oversight of what students want has changed the school for the worse. Hopefully in the next fifty years this school will stop worrying about getting more students and giving out more fines and start listening to what students need.

Christine Graf
Staff Writer

Fifty years is something to be proud of. Cabrini has successfully grown from 43 young ladies to over 2,300 students currently attending classes today. This success is definitely something to celebrate.

I am excited to be able to participate in Cabrini College’s 50th anniversary celebration. The reason I say so is because I took time in choosing where I wanted to attend school and am proud to be a Cabrini Cavalier. In a sense I feel that Cabrini is celebrating a part of all of us and what bonds us as students, faculty and staff. Without us it wouldn’t be much of a college at all.

I think it is fabulous that Cabrini is making such a big deal out of this milestone. Who knew the college would even succeed and now it has been going strong for 50 years. One of my favorite aspects of this college is how we have held our values and morals within our education. Education of the Heart is still present since the early years of the Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Cabrini not only holds its values but also works hard to preserve and celebrate the history of the school. They do this in fun ways such as holding great events in honor of this 50th anniversary. One particular event is having Cabrini’s first students from 1957 come back to the college and participate in this celebration. Another fun event is something called a sock hop where students will travel back to the 1950s with some old television stars.

There are so many other wonderful things planned and I am excited to get involved. Cabrini College is our home away from home and I love that we can all celebrate this milestone together.

Michael Beiker
staff writer

This year signifies Cabrini as an established college for 50 years. Cabrini College instills the message of “do something extraordinary” and this year is truly something extraordinary.

As a student of Cabrini College I have mixed emotions about my college and its anniversary.

I am happy to be a part of Cabrini but at times I find myself regretting I came here. Cabrini College is a college that is not your ordinary college.

You will not find any crazy parties, any fraternities or sororities that you would find at other colleges and universities. You will not find a packed stadium of students cheering on a football team and you will not find it hard to get lost due to the small size of the campus.

On the other hand, Cabrini College offers opportunities and aspects that other colleges do not have.

It is never a hassle getting to class. In fact the only hassle there is, is getting out of bed. You do not have to worry about catching a bus, or walking 2 miles up hill to a lecture hall. Our campus is small and it brings everything together very tightly.

In addition to our campus being tightly-knit, we see our professors walking around, and on the contrary, our professors see us and know our names. I have told my friends that I had to go to a meeting with a professor and they were appalled that I can just walk into my professor’s office to talk to them.

Cabrini College offers opportunities that other colleges and universities do not. We have an award winning newspaper where it is run by the students, the teaching program is phenomenal, and the theatre department is great with productions.

At first when I was asked how I felt about Cabrini College’s 50th Anniversary, I said to myself they don’t want to know, but after thinking about it I am proud to be a student at Cabrini College. Furthermore, I am happy to be apart of the 50th year milestone, because although this college is small and may not offer you the real college experience, it offers you opportunities that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Ryan Kirby

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