Yale student abortion prank

By Diana Vilares
April 24, 2008

Earlier this month Yale student Aliza Shvarts came up with a rather, we’ll say, interesting topic, for her senior art project that’s made the art major a mini-celeb.

Shvarts has artificially inseminated herself in order to get pregnant only to take abortion medications and film herself inducing miscarriages and bleeding into a cup. Her blood will be collected and wrapped in plastic that will hang from the ceiling wrapped around a cube while videos of the process play on all four sides of the cube – all in the name of art.

This week, Shvarts came out and said that it was all a hoax! Described it as being “performance art.”

My initial reaction to her completely insane project was: Is she serious? She’s at the top of my “Crazy People” list! I put her right under Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber.

Whether I was pro-life or pro-choice didn’t matter. This “woman,” and I used the term loosely because the title carries a lot of credit that I simply couldn’t award Shvarts with, took it upon herself to make a mockery of a very serious issue.

I was furious. I wanted her to take into consideration the women that have opted for abortion knowing it’s for the better of their future and wouldn’t want to bring a child into an unstable environment; take into consideration the women that regret their decisions to abort every single day.

Americans pride themselves on freedom of speech but what happens when the freedom is too much?

I can agree with Shvarts on one point, the human body makes one hell of a canvas, but not when it’s painted with disgrace.

When the announcement came out that she supposedly hadn’t really gone through with the pregnancies and “miscarriages,” I was relived.

If she lied just to clear her name, I suggest she hide in shame for being too much of a coward to stand by her actions.

If she’s telling the truth, I applaud her for one wicked April Fools’ prank.

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Diana Vilares

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