XFL in full effect

By Jenine Ikeler
February 15, 2001

If you think that you have seen everything that sports has to offer than think again.

The XFL is a new version of football that kicked off its season on Feb. 3, 2001. The XFL is jointly owned and operated by the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. and NBC. This is now an official sport that is 100 percent competitive. The XFL was founded by Vince McMahon however NBC became a partner on March 29. The league’s eight teams will play a 10-game regular season. In the XFL, eight teams are divided into two-four team divisions. The Eastern division includes the Birmingham Bolts,Chicago Enforcers,New York Hitmen,San Francisco Demons,Las Vegas Outlaws,the Memphis Maniax,the Los Angeles Xtreme and the Orlando Rage.

Each team will consist of a 38-man roster and a seven-man reserve squad. All of the XFL players have a history of playing football in the NFL, NFL Europe or Arena Football League. The players are not allowed to be under contract with any other league.

The XFL players are definitely being paid to play. The base salary for most players is -$45,000- for a 10-game regular season. The quarterbacks are paid a little more-$50,000- and the kicking specialist is paid the least -$35,000. Furthermore, each regular season game will feature a pool consisting of -$10,000- bonus to be divided among the winning team. The bonus pool for “The Big Game At The End” will be $ 1 million.

The incentive to watch this new sport is that cameras and microphones will be placed on the players and at certain points of the field and locker rooms.

The XFL claims that “For the first time, TV will convey football’s true power and emotions.”

Another reason to watch the XFL, is the cheerleaders. The league believes that the cheerleaders will play an integral role at the games. They really want the fans to get to know their names and personalities.

This new brand of football is something we have never seen before that promises fast-impact acting and player individuality. The XFL has recently launched its official website at XFL.com. Log on and get information on ticket purchasing and XFL paraphernalia.

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Jenine Ikeler

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