Wrestling PPV: No Way Out Predictions

By Staff Writer
February 21, 2003

At one point, Dr. Jerry Zurek joked about an old A&E editor using the section for his or her own interests, soap operas. As editors, we all vowed that something along those lines would never happen again. And, of course, they did not. Instead, we have decided to turn the Loquitur web site into our own personal playground.
Every few weeks though, the two of us will give our insight into the world of professional wrestling and perhaps some predictions for upcoming events. This week, we will be giving our views on this Sunday’s pay per view, “No Way Out.”

WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Matt Hardy v. Bill Kidman

Ryan: For those of you who don’t know, the whole angle here is whether or not Hardy can lose enough weight to wrestle for the Cruiserweight Title, a belt that excludes guys over 225 pounds or something. This angle has been interesting enough for the past few weeks, because Hardy and Kidman have put on some good matches. I actually like Matt Hardy (Version 1) in this one, taking the title thanks to outside interference of his student, Shannon Moore.

Vince: Hardy comes into this match with a huge weight advantage over Kidman, and a lot less experience in the Cruiserweight division. I would expect Kidman to retain his title here. Hardy seems to be getting a good push with WWE, but this just does not look like his time to wear the gold.

Chris Jericho v. Jeff Hardy

Ryan: This match absolutely came out of nowhere. For weeks, Test has been pushed through the roof, including an angle where Jericho nailed Stacy with a chair and Test sought revenge. But when it snowed, Test and Stacy missed a show and Hardy, whose character is all over the map, got the match. That makes sense. Test misses a show because of weather, while Hardy is supposedly late for shows all the time and punished. This is the guy you put in a match for your pay per view. It does not matter anyway. Jericho is going to win this one.

Vince: What happened to Test v. Jericho you ask? WWE went from building a solid-match between Jericho and Test, to replacing test with Jeff Hardy because Test could not make a flight. The match was thrown together on a whim, and should play out that way Sunday night. I am going with Hardy on this one; he is getting pushed big-time once again.

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Kane and Rob Van Dam vs. Steven Regal and Lance Storm

Ryan: This match really came out of nowhere. One week, Kane and RVD are fighting, and then attacking Jeff Hardy. Now they’re top contenders for the tag team titles. Whatever. It would be nice to this go somewhere, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Regal uses some brass knuckles.

Vince: Regal and Storm make a great tag team, but their gimmick is getting old. Kane and RVD get huge pops each night, and they seem in line for a push. Storm and Regal have had the titles for far too long, so I am going with Kane and RVD.

Big Show vs. Undertaker

Ryan: This match has been built up for some time, but just looks a little weak. Honestly, I love the both of these guys, but they’re both too big to be against each other. I’ll go with Big Show on this one, setting up a return match at WrestleMania, where of course, Undertaker is 10-0.

Vince: With this seemingly being one of Undertaker’s last runs, expect to see a strong buildup for his appearance at WrestleMania next month. I am giving this match to ‘Taker. It would make sense for WWE to push a guy who just came back from an extensive absence. Then again, WWE does not always make sense.

Team Angle vs. Brock Lesnar, Edge and Chris Benoit

Ryan: This match has a whole mess of talent, but there’s one big problem. It’s a six-man tag. Those tend to go incredibly slow, with many broken pins. The talent of the two teams will carry it, as Benoit and Angle are two of the best technical wrestlers under contract. Keep your eye on Lesnar and Angle though, as they will explode by the end of the match, building up excitement for their WrestleMania showdown.

Vince: Expect this to be a showstopper of a match, as Angle and Benoit routinely steal the show with their memorable matches, complete with shoot-style wrestling and plenty of German suplexes. Team Angle is getting pushed big time, I would expect to see them victorious in this match. And do not single out Lesnar just because he is the heavyweight in this match. Lesnar brings an extensive NCAA amateur wrestling background to the ring with him.

World Championship Match: Triple H vs. Scott Steiner

Ryan: This match was a complete waste last month at the Royal Rumble. I haven’t felt so bad since New Year’s when I woke up in a pool of my own vomit. Triple H is clearly going to win, because he really never loses, and I have good money on the fact that he would like to walk into some title match at WrestleMania. It’s time to face someone good, like Booker T or RVD.

Vince: Nothing quite stinks up a card like a Steiner match. I would say to expect Steiner to win this one, after he lost the first match at the Royal Rumble. However, beings that Triple H controls his character’s storylines, I am going with Triple H for the win.

Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock

Ryan: This one is a complete toss up. Rock should be losing to Hogan, paying him back for last year’s WrestleMania. On the other side of things, Vince McMahon could get in the way and try to screw Hogan. Expect Rock to get more boos than he did last year in his match with Hogan and expect his heel tactics to increase. I’ll give this to Hogan because he deserves it.

Vince: Hogan proved at WrestleMania 18 last year, that he can keep up with the best and youngest there are. Expect this to be a showstopper of a match, as old and new meet head to head. I am giving this one to Hogan, simply because of the fact that Rock won their first encounter, and this is Hogan’s last run.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff

Ryan: If you want Austin to work off the ring rust, stick him in the ring to just beat the hell out of the on-air talent. This match is going to be a lot like Austin’s match with Vince in 1999 at the same pay per view. It will be a complete bloodying, with Chief Morely taking some shots too. Austin’s going to win, but needs an opponent at WrestleMania. I see “someone” coming out either during or after to screw with him.

Vince: Is this really the way to bring back your star player, beating up on the GM of Raw? We have yet to see Austin on WWE programming since his return was announced. Expect there to be a swerve in this match, setting up a feud between Austin and perhaps Chief Morley. I am going with Austin getting screwed out of a win on this one.

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