Wrestling and streaking: Getting ‘Old School’

By Lauren Mineo
February 21, 2003

Richard Foreman/dreamworks

“Old School” is every college student’s fantasy, complete with no classes or homework. Three men, two of which have families of their own, attempt to relive their college years by starting their own fraternity. Mitch, played by Luke Wilson, moves into a house on a college campus after recently stumbling upon his girlfriend’s apparent habitual sexual tendencies.

Frank, played by Will Ferrell, is known to this over-the-hill fraternity as “Frank the Tank” once he breaks out his funnel. Ferrell is absolutely hysterical in this role, sustaining the image that he created for himself on “Saturday Night Live.” Like “SNL,” for a large part of the movie, he wears no clothing.

Always recreating himself, Vince Vaughn, who plays Beanie, is the man with the plan in “Old School.” Without him, the fraternity would have never existed. He almost single-handedly turns around the lives of his two best friends, Mitch and Frank.

The on-screen chemistry of these three actors is side-splittingly perfect. A movie containing this type of humor has not been released in quite a long time. “Old School” is to 2003 as “National Lampoon’s Animal House” was to 1976.

Venturing to say that this movie would be enjoyed by all college students, I believe that some would take that as an insult. For those who have ever found a comedy to be personally offensive, “Old School” is not your flick of choice. However, if you steadfastly believe that KY jelly wrestling and Will Ferrell streaking are two essential ingredients to a great movie, “Old School” is a must-see.

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Lauren Mineo

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