“Would you mind taking our picture?”

By Michelle Guerin
August 11, 2017

The words: “Would you mind taking our picture” asked by a stranger in Disney World started my hobby back in 2004.  I knelt on one knee and tried getting the baby’s attention while pressing my finger continuously on the shutter button.  

Starting with a disposable camera, I evolved from little digital cameras, iPhone and, finally, I saved up and bought a refurbished Canon T6 in November of 2016.  

A picture of Keith Blassingale, a guard for the Cabrini men’s basketball team. Photo by Michelle Guerin.

Playing around and asking friends to take their portraits, I met a freshman at Cabrini who transferred from Goldey Beacom College and was going to play basketball for Cabrini. Being a shooting guard, I asked if I could take action pictures of him, just for fun. I started an Instagram account to post my favorite portraits and the pictures from basketball games.  

More of the boys got ahold of their pictures from my google files and they started posting my images on their own social media platforms. Towards the spring, senior Amber Dietrich asked if I could come to a softball game to take pictures of the team and also headshots of the other seniors.  

My Instagram started to grow gradually with pictures and followers.  

I was approached by senior Meghan Horn in the spring of 2017, who asked if I could take her graduation photos.  Never before did I ever feel like my work was good until a senior asked for their pictures taken.  

Senior Meghan Horn posing for her graduation pictures. Photo by Michelle Guerin.

Soon after her, I took graduation photos for six additional students, including Amber Dietrich. Rising seniors continuously came up to me, praising me and telling me to reserve a spot for photoshoots now for them.  

I never thought I would get complimented and recognized by a little hobby until my freshman year at Cabrini University.

I was told by a family member that it is not about the quality of the camera but the eye of the photographer and that I was blessed with that eye.

Going to so many softball and basketball games was first to take photos for my own benefit, but the hobby helped me create great friendships and memories. My favorite pictures to take are when people are not looking at the camera and they are showing their real emotions or showing concentration.  

My hobby helped me not only make friends but made a mark on my name for myself on campus.  I cannot wait to see where my once was small hobby takes me to a school full of opportunity.  

Michelle Guerin

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