Woodcrest comes of age

By Ryan Mulloy
November 29, 2001

This December, the fall edition of Woodcrest will hit the campus. Woodcrest is Cabrini’s literary magazine, a combination of the school’s previous yearbook of the same name and the school’s literary magazine, Cryptic. The magazine, which will be available on Dec. 6, is a biannual publication from the English and communications department produced primarily by the students.

Throughout the year, several classes work on the magazine. Writing For Publication: Creative Writing, Woodcrest Practicum and Photography For Publication all came together to publish the magazine for the fall. Next semester, Photography For Publication and Woodcrest Practicum will work with those involved in Writing For Publication: Non-Fiction to put together the spring issue.

The theme for the magazine this semester is “Coming Of Age.” “The theme is open semester to semester,” Dr. Seth Frechie, assistant professor of English and Communications, said, “but this one seems to be one the students this year have been very enthusiastic about.” Frechie, who works with students and Dr. Charles McCormick, assistant professor of English and Communications, to coordinate the magazine, said the theme is a very broad topic that is always an enduring concern for all students.

Developed by McCormick and students he worked with last year, the theme also goes hand in hand with several other campus programs. It is very much related to the English and Communications department’s Career Development program. Frechie and McCormick will also further develop “Coming Of Age” in certain Seminar 100 offerings this spring.

The work produced for the magazine this fall covers a wide range of topics, including religion, loss, sexuality, learning, education, romance and fear. Frechie said that the work included asks the readers to consider the challenges and difficulties that today’s youth face.

Katie Reing, a junior who is working for the magazine for a second year, is extremely excited about the magazine and is proud of how it looks thus far. Reing, whose primary responsibility is visuals, has worked with the cover and overall photo selection. This responsibility has changed as well. The magazine now uses digital imaging for the first time, helping the magazine stay, as Frechie says, “cutting edge.”

The magazine will also feature a special section relating entirely to the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. Frechie thinks that the theme works with the feelings brought forth by the attacks and that it covers the feelings not just on campus, but also throughout the entire nation.

On Dec. 6, the magazine staff will hold a special kickoff party in the Mansion. All students are invited to join this celebration of the magazine, which will include readings from the authors of the work in the fall issue.

If anyone is interested in working for the spring issue of the magazine, they should contact McCormick on campus at extension x8467 or Frechie at extension x8364.

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Ryan Mulloy

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