Women’s tennis optimistic for season, even with loss

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September 23, 2005

Jerry Zurek

After suffering a devastating loss on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005, Cabrini College’s very own Lady Cavalier tennis team aimed to redeem itself in a match against Haverford College. The two dueling teams came face to face on Monday, Sept. 19, 2005. Despite having home court advantage, Haverford showed no mercy; The Lady Cavs were relentlessly defeated by the opposition, 8-1.

Both teams met at four o’clock, each ready to begin the quest for the other team’s demise. Confidence seemed to be oozing from the Haverford girls; meanwhile, though very determined and prepared to compete, there was a sense of uncertainty fluttering about in the air.

Despite what seemed like a bit of nervous tension, one by one the Lady Cavs stepped onto the courts cloaked with their game faces. They were determined to win; like true competitors, they faced the challenge head-on.

Unfortunately, neither their preparation nor their motivation was enough to over-shadow the obvious skill of the opposing team. It was not long into the matches before confidence began to dwindle from the Cabrini side.

Though Haverford was the commanding force on the court, The Lady Cavs proved that they were not going to lose without putting up a fight. In their every swing, Cabrini’s girls put their hearts into their respective matches. In the end, this warrior mentality only seemed to have left the The Lady Cavs frustrated.

For every good swing that Cabrini made, Haverford simply countered with two or three, enabling them to reach and maintain the lead. As the score grew in Haverford’s favor, so did the frustration in the Cavs.

As junior Caitlin Scott noted after the match, “The focus shouldn’t be placed on our loss, but on how we carried ourselves individually and as a team.”

In this mismatch of teams, there was really nothing that Cabrini could have done differently to prevent this loss. They had simply come across a team with skills and abilities that surpassed their own.

With this fourth loss under their belts, Cabrini’s women’s tennis team now has an overall season record of 4-3. Luckily for these defending Pennsylvania Athletic Conference champs, all four losses were suffered at the hands of non-conference teams.

The Lady Cavs have managed to maintain their number one standing in the PAC this season. Deeming them “the team to beat” among all conference teams, the Cavs are holding onto an unscathed PAC season record of 3-0. “Cabrini is the team to be beat this year. All the teams know it and they’re all out to get us,” senior Rachel Shore admitted.

Though their match on Monday, Sept. 19, may not have panned out exactly how they had envisioned, Cabrini’s women’s tennis team must forge ahead.

With their PAC record intact, they return to practice in hopes of being able to sustain there position within the conference. These next few weeks will sling many challenges in their direction, like a match against their rivals on Oct. 7, 2005.

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