Women’s soccer wraps up season with tie against Albright in a physical bout

By Christina Cimmino
November 3, 2006

The Cabrini College women’s soccer team wrapped up its season on Tuesday, Oct. 24, with a 2-2 tie against Albright. The game turned out to be a very physical game.

Cabrini started out strong when Mandy Urquhart, a sophomore exercise health major and forward for Cabrini, scored first and in the last few minutes of the first half, Albright tied up the score when sophomore forward Anne Curry scored on Cabrini’s goal with an assist from junior, Steph Deswert, a midfielder.

The Cavaliers came out looking fierce in the second half and Sabina De Gisi, a freshman forward and English and communication major, was able to score again for the Cavaliers with an assist from Collette Walsh, a sophomore center midfield and English and communication major.

Curry was able to keep up with the Cavs and scored another goal to not only tie the game again but bring the game into “golden-goal overtime.” This means that the teams are given two ten-minute periods and the first team to score wins the game.

Urquhart said, “I thought it was going to be a really dirty game going into it. I thought Albright had a lot of great individual skills. It could have gone either way but it ended up in a tie.”

Nikki Duggan, a sophomore stopper and English and communication major, said, “Honestly, I expected us to win. Going by their record and the teams we played, we should have won. I know I expected a good game but I still thought we would have come out on top.”

This particular game was more than just a conclusion of the season but rather a start to a very positive outlook into the playoffs. Seniors Emilie Greto and Melissa Williams are the last links on this team that won the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference in 2003.

De Gisi said, “What made this a special game for us is that it was senior day and we knew we had to play our hardest for Emilie Greto and Melissa Williams and although we did not win we still played awesome.”

Freshmen like Heather Thompson, a midfielder and elementary and special education major, and De Gisi feel that the seniors on the team have passed down certain qualities to the underclassmen on the team.

“Their determination to win stands out. They don’t want to lose. They can see that we have the ability to win, so they help encourage us to do better,” Thompson said.

De Gisi said, “Their determination to win is most evident in their personalities. They really want this win badly but that’s not what they are all about. They want us to all have fun but to stay focused in winning.” Now, the women’s soccer team looks ahead as they advance into the playoffs for the PAC championship, while still learning from their mistakes in the Albright game.

“I think we shouldn’t let a game like Albright happen again. We need to play with confidence. We need to play like every game is our last because it might be,” Duggan said.

Walsh said, “Out of the teams we could possibly play, each team is going to be challenging. Each player needs to come out strong and focus on their game.”

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Christina Cimmino

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