Women’s soccer team looking for a PAC win

By Jamie Knobler
October 3, 2002

The Lady Cavalier’s soccer team lost to Eastern University on Tuesday, Sept. 24 with the score 4-0.

The defense had their hands full in the first half, making crucial turn-overs and taking possession of the ball. Freshman Mary Remoli had excellent foot work and kept Eastern’s goalkeeper, Junior Allison Lecesse very busy.

The first goal of the game was scored with 6:45 left in the first half. Lecesse was kept very busy and tallied four saves in the first half, keeping the score at 0-1. The next goal was scored with 19:15 left in the second half when the ball was kicked across the net, perfectly planted for a corner shot that was almost untouchable. Eastern then scored the next two unanswered goals several minutes later while keeping Cabrini from penetrating the net at all.

“We played very well as a team in the first half, we just need to work on the full game,” said Liz Graham, junior. And that seemed to be what everyone who saw the game had said. Captain Kelli Romano said, “We played really well. We just couldn’t score and we couldn’t finish.”

Even though it was a shut out, the players were not disappointed completely. Head Coach Ken Prothero said, “We’re playing extremely well but we have a young team. Most of our games we control the tempo of the match and possessed the match, but we’ve had some unlucky goals scored. We’re in the middle of a rebuilding year with a lot of young talent.”

But playing the entire 90 minutes isn’t the only thing the women need to work on. Most of the team commented on how well they have been playing, but many question the heart that goes into their performance. “We have the talent, we have the skill, we just need the want to win,” said Graham.

Jess Stork, now a Cabrini alum and former soccer captain said, “The talent on this team is the best that it’s been since the start of the program. However, you can have all the talent in the world but without the heart that (talent) doesn’t mean anything. You need to want to win.”

There has been nothing but positive feedback from players about Head Coach Ken Prothero’s coaching. “He’s a really good coach, he’s helped us a lot.” Romano said.

“He has a very young team, and for a first year coach he’s handing the pressure very well,” Graham said.

Through all of the good and the bad, Prothero is very positive for the program’s future. “We’re going to be a very tough team to beat in a few years. Anyone who has seen us play knows this.”

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Jamie Knobler

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