Women’s soccer beats Neumann

By Staff Writer
October 17, 2002

The women’s soccer team beat Neumann College, 3-2, on Wednesday, Oct. 9. The Lady Cavs had a bigger team, extra encouragement from the crowd and the will to win. The game was characterized with many interruptions but also with many great plays.

Patricia Bradley, senior, scored the first goal five minutes into the game. The Neumann goalie made several successive saves from the repetitive attempts of Colleen Feeney to score a goal.

The drizzle of the late afternoon made the ground slippery and caused falls and collisions. After moments of standstill halfway through, Mary Remoli charged into the empty field with not a Neumann soul in sight but her distance prevented a clean shot into the net. A time-out was taken to check an injury sustained by Christine O’Brien of Neumann College. She was helped off the field, unable to play. The game resumed with four minutes on the clock. An unsuccessful Cabrini penalty shot closed the first half.

Two minutes into the second half another time-out was called to examine floored Denise Dengel of Neumann College. She too, was carried off the field, unable to play. Neumann College was playing more offense but Cabrini captain Kelli Romano was dominating the field. A strategic corner penalty shot was granted to Romano and the second goal for Cabrini was made. Not long after Feeney scored the third goal with her left foot.

With 22 minutes on the clock, Neumann scored its’ first goal to the crowd’s dismay. Another quiet goal was scored by Neumann prompting the Lady Cavs to scramble for more defense.

Remoli and Romano set up their plays. Romano controlled the ball with Neumann guards surrounding her. She passed it to Remoli a few yards to her right for a score.

Cabrini’s Nicole Neidermeier and Angela Mourer struggled to get the lead but precious seconds were lost when the ball was lost in the sidelines. Neidermeier’s father’s enthusiasm for the game on Wednesday was infectious. He said, “I love soccer. The rules are minimal. I like watching the girls play and to support my daughter. I can see progress in the Cabrini women’s soccer team’s performance. I am also interested in supporting women’s athletics.”

Freshman Lauren Grecco said, “Our spirits have been really good. At practice we work hard. Everyone is giving their all in the games and the practices.”

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Staff Writer

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