Women’s history month praises those who do extraordinary things

By Liz Kerstetter
March 15, 2007

The month of March is women’s history month and I have been thinking a lot about who an influential woman is to me. To be influential as a woman I think a female has to exude a lot of confidence and most importantly, strength.

Many influential women have overcome any number of women’s issues that women face or have dealt with.

I could write about my mom, an influential schoolteacher, or any of the thousands of famous women who contributed to society, but I wanted to write about someone who is currently influencing me.

Last month, Kaitlin Barr published a perspectives article about her experience so far as a pregnant college student. The detailed account of her current experience as a six-month pregnant woman was extremely personal and emotional.

Writing an article like Barr wrote took a lot of courage. To share such a personal experience with thousands of people requires putting your life up for public scrutiny. When Barr chose to share her story, she chose to let the public in on her personal life and put herself up for judgment.

As a friend of hers, Barr said to me that she knew writing the article would probably cause controversy but that she wanted to publish it anyway. She wanted to share her story regardless of any negative consequences it might bring.

To me, Barr’s actions took a lot of strength and courage. I do not think that I would be able to share any type of personal matter with many people, let alone publish it in the paper and on the web.

I think Barr saw her article as something different. I don’t think she saw it as sharing something extremely personal and possibly causing controversy. Instead she had the outlook that her article might help people in some way.

So as women’s history month nears an end I encourage people to not only think of our nation’s historical influential women and be grateful for all that they have accomplished for women, but also think about the people in your life right now who are inspiring you, and tell them!

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Liz Kerstetter

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