Women’s basketball set to tip off

By Elyssa McFadden
December 3, 2004

Shawn Rice

There are some differences in the women’s basketball team this year. One of them is that they only have four returning players from last year. This brings some concerns for fans and team members.

Another huge difference is the head coach, Bobbi Morgan. She started the last week in August and is looking forward to this year, although some aspects may be challenging. “We have to build chemistry and identify who can do what well,” Morgan said.

There are two new upperclassmen and five freshmen joining the women’s team this year. They will greatly contribute to the team. The players are very hard-working when it comes to doing well this season.

Morgan hopes that Cabrini will be able to contend for the top spot in our division PAC South. The girls seem to be improving every day.

The main concern right now is getting the players ready and making sure everyone is doing their best, despite the differences in this season. “I can’t say enough about the players on the team. They are great people and if they are willing to put in the work, I think they can do well,” Morgan said.

With new players and a new coach, this season may be challenging, but the girls will get through it. “If they are willing to play hard and play together, everything should be fine,” Morgan said.

Morgan has coached for about 20 years. She coached at Haverford High School and at the Academy of Notre Dame. Morgan has also been an assistant at Widener University.

Morgan always sets good goals for her team in the past, and she is doing the same with Cabrini. She has a lot of hope in the girls and sees a substantial amount of potential. She is focused on having a successful season, and is dedicated to her team.

With the right tactics and devotion to win, Cabrini will be able to pull through, despite the differences. Change is sometimes viewed as a negative thing, but these changes can turn out to be positive in the end. Go Cavs!

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Elyssa McFadden

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