Women’s basketball defeats Eastern

By Jackie Turchi
February 15, 2007

Ashley Correll

The women’s basketball team owned the court Thursday night, Feb. 8, winning 62-37 against backyard revivals, Eastern University.

In attendance were students, faculty and the Lady Cavaliers’ devoted family members, who all showed up with their school spirit. Some students showed their school spirit by painting their faces blue and white, others wore homemade t-shirts representing certain player’s names and numbers on them, while most people expressed their school spirit verbally.

President Antoinette Iadarola enthusiastically expressed her school spirit while cheering with other faculty members. Iadarola, with arms extended to the ceiling, said, “They are spectacular. I am proud of all of our athletic teams. I respect the woman’s basketball team’s hard work and discipline.”

Dr. Darryl Mace, assistant professor of history and political science and a relatively new member of the faculty, watched the game with long time veteran of the Cabrini faculty, Dr. James Hedtke, a professor of history and political science.

Hedtke said, “Glad to see woman’s team winning traditions back at Cabrini,” as Mace nodded in agreement.

The leading ladies who stole the show were freshman Kate Finfrock and Deana DiAmico and sophomores Kate Ryan, Britt McLeod and Kayleen Smith.

Finfrock, who also plays for the women’s volleyball team during the fall semester, came away with the team high of 20 points against the Eastern Eagles.

Finfrock aggressively took initiative by connecting four three-point baskets gaining a 21-point lead within four minutes to advance the Lady Cavaliers 51-30.

Also contributing to the success of the night was DiAmico. The 5 foot, 4 inch point guard was all over the court with six steals, four assists and four points.

Taking what is rightfully theirs, Ryan scored 10 points and four rebounds, McLeod scored six points and 12 rebounds and Smith scored six points and 13 rebounds. With the clock winding down, the score boards final score 62-37 was lit in red numbers for the crowd to see.

Eastern University women’s head basketball coach David Storms said, “If we played better it would have been a better game.”

Hard work, discipline and talent are how the Lady Cavaliers were able to beat the Eastern Eagles. This win has now left the Lady Cavaliers 15-7 overall and 11-3 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference.

Women’s basketball ran the string of PAC playoff berths to 14, one of only two schools to make league playoffs all 14 years since PAC began in 1992.

Jackie Turchi

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