Women’s swim team makes strides during winter break trip to Naples, Fla.

By Marissa Roberto
January 27, 2016

swim team fla
Both the women’s and men’s swim teams traveled to Naples, Fla. over the winter break for a week of intense training. Photo submitted by Moira Prior.

With just passing the season mid-point, the Cabrini women’s swim team record is 5-8, which involved some very close meets that came down to just a few points.

“The season has been filled with some ups and downs but over- all I still believe we are making positive progress towards creating the type of team we want – a dedicated, hard-working, committed, successful team composed of student-athletes that want to be great in and out of the water,” Cindy Ikeler, director of aquatics and head swim coach, said.

New to the women’s swim team, sophomore Sahian Rodriguez feels the season is going really well. She swims the 50 meter and 100 meter freestyle. Even though she took a year off from the sport, her times are as fast as they were in high school if not improved.

“I make goals as the season goes along,” Rodriguez said. “My last goal after the training trip was to lose 2 seconds off my 50 free and I did that which was pretty cool.”

One of the highlights that stood out this season was over winter break when the swim team boarded a plane to Naples, Fla. for a weeklong training trip.

The team experienced double practices and cross-fit workouts for dry land. The women did a lot of arm-work, legwork and core-work to strengthen their bodies for the rest of the season.

swim team fla 2
Both teams will compete in the AMCC championship tournament between Thursday, Feb. 11- Saturday, Feb 13. Photo submitted by Allie Stein

Though long practices and tough workouts played a huge part of the trip, team bonding and enjoying time together really stood out. “The training trip to Naples, Florida helped unify the team and build a better fitness base,” Caroline Kirkby, assistant swim coach, said. “I am extremely proud that we have seen athletes swim faster than they have never swam before after grueling winter break training.”

Sophomore swimmer Delisa Portland really enjoyed her time bonding and getting even closer than before with team.

“It was a lot of fun just being focused on the team and swimming with not having school to get in the way to stress us all out,” Portland said.

Portland believes this season has gone fast compared to last year and that her and the other swimmers have reached most of the coaches expectations before champs.

The women’s swim team will be heading to their championship meet in February at Grove City College.


Marissa Roberto

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