Cabrini’s women’s soccer team hosted the annual breast cancer awareness game

By Victoria Boland
October 12, 2019


The Cabrini women’s soccer team hosted the Annual Breast Cancer Awareness game on Saturday, Oct. 12, against Immaculata University. 

The crowd and players were wearing pink apparel to represent breast cancer awareness and show their support for the event.

The women’s soccer team defending their side. Photo by Victoria Boland.

“Today’s Pink Day match coincides with October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness, education and support services for those affected by breast cancer. Proceeds from today’s concessions will be donated to The Cathy Miller Fund in honor of former Cavalier, Denise Canaris,” according to the game-day announcement script from Cabrini Athletics.

Assistant coach Brittany Runyen and players Maddy Wojton and Madison Rooney explained that this is the game they have waited for all year, not only because of who they are playing against but because of the meaning that is behind the event itself. 

Team member Alex Garcés mid-action shot. Photo by Victoria Boland.

“As a player it makes you want to fight a little harder to win the game even though winning the game doesn’t really matter. You are playing for something bigger than just your parents coming to watch the game,” Maddy Wojton, senior early childhood education/special education major, said. 

Wojton, Rooney and Runyen discussed that breast cancer can be life-threatening. Many are impacted personally by breast cancer, either by fighting the disease themselves or by watching someone suffer from it.  

“My grandma had breast cancer when I was younger. She was able to fight it. This would make her really happy and mean a lot,” Madison Rooney, sophomore marketing major, said. 

This event helps open the eyes of individuals to make a difference for those who are suffering. There was a concession stand selling candy, snacks and Cabrini T-shirts. 

“It is a really cool thing. That the amount of money we’re able to raise even if it is $80, $100 or $200 is going to a fund that is a little more personal than just breast cancer research as a whole. It’s just nice to know we are impacting a former Cavalier family,” Brittany Runyen, assistant coach, said. 

The women’s soccer team defended their home side. The players gave it their all till the very last second. No goal was shot. The game went into double overtime. The game ended tied at 0-0. 

“Fighting for breast cancer awareness and research, it’s so many things combined into this one game that just really makes you want to go out there and play the best that we can,” Wojton said. 

Team member Maddy Wojton, waiting to throw in the soccer ball. Photo by Victoria Boland.


Victoria Boland

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