Women hit the weights Pt. 2

By Melani Gomes
November 6, 2003

Bridget Donnelly

If one takes a look in the local Ballys’ gym or even at Cabrini’s fitness center, there is not just men working up a sweat near the barbells.

Weight lifting is becoming more and more popular for women, and it looks as though it is a trend far from being called a fad.

“Strength training for women is the fastest-growing fitness trend in the country, and is not just a fad,” Donna Savage, half of Donna and Michael Savage Inc., said. The couple is behind the design and engineering at Fitness EM in Sutton, Mass.

With women being faced with so many options at a gym, many might feel intimidated by the training machines built mostly for men.

More women are lifting weight because it increases muscle mass and give the toned appearance of muscles. Also the greater the amount of lean weight a person has, the higher their metabolism will be.”

With women being faced with so many options at a gym, many might feel intimidated by the training machines built mostly for men.

Tracey Greenwood, Cabrini’s fitness director said weights are women friendly. “We have dumbbells ranging from 1-100 pounds and the resistance machines have weight stacks beginning at 10 pounds, which fit many women’s capabilities,” Greenwood said.

Since men are often built to lift heavier weights than women, Savage said light bars give a woman the same effect without being too hard on the body.

“Women’s fitness objectives are different from men’s,” Savage said. “They don’t want to get big and bulky or look like a man.” The added flexibility of a light bar provides helps them meet their goals.

Many of these goals are what Greenwood describes as pros for women who lift.

“People who weight train have a positive self image, lower stress levels, increased quality of life, and better sleep,” Greenwood said.

Regarding what the future would be like for women who weight lift, Greenwood said, “I think it is very healthy and important for women to lift weights because it helps to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis, and every women should be able to lift at least their own body weight.”

As women begin to feel the effects of bone problems earlier in life, Savage has created dumbbells that make it easier for women with Arthritis to pick up.

Such dumbbells are available at stores like Modells and The Sports Authority, but Cabrini students do not need to travel too far.

The Dixon Center’s fitness center is open daily from 6 a.m.-1 a.m.

Posted to the web by: Cecelia Francisco

Melani Gomes

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