Women go to extreme lengths to wear harmful shoes

By Grayce Turnbach
September 15, 2006

Shane Evans

Drastic changes are being made by women to accommodate the fall 2006 shoe fashions.

“To get any type of surgery done is just stupid. Personally I would rather wear flip flops,” said Caitlin Gillespie, a sophomore exercise science major. In a New York Times article “If the shoe wont fit, fix the foot?” the act of going under the knife to shorten one’s toes was being discussed as well as having collagen injections into the balls of the feet in order to repair the padding that had been worn down from wearing heels.

The New York Times said it would be much easier to fix the shoe instead of fixing the foot in order to wear the shoe. Women are resorting to the extreme and getting plastic surgery to wear these harmful heels.

Katie Fanourgakis, a sophomore elementary and special education major, said, “Ewe, I would not want surgery to fix something. Who cares! There are many other ways to be comfortable and fashionable without having to wear high heels.”

An MSNBC article, “Flat shoes are the height of fashion” reported that flat shoes are in this season. The flats are being made for everyone’s taste. Whether you prefer a sporty look, a sophisticated or feminine style, flats will be convenient for all this fall.

Women’s Health spoke about the idea that fashion plays a large part in dictating what shoes women wear.

“I would rather wear heels than sneakers, they are more attractive,” Gillespie said. Style triumphs over comfort for Gillespie. That is not always the case for sophomore sociology/criminal justice major Amber Gardner who said “I would pick sneakers over heels any day. They are much more comfortable.”

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Grayce Turnbach

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