Women:equal but different in business

By Jessica Goldberg
October 2, 2003

The 1950s are over and women are in the workplace and securing certain jobs.

Ellen Boyar, a translation manager for the Thompson Institute for Scientific Information in downtown Philadelphia, gave great insight to this topic. When asked if there was ever unfair treatment she said, “no, but there was certainly treatment differences because I am a woman. I used to work in a law firm and the women attorneys were actually treated differently. We were not recognized as smart enough, even though we are.”

She goes on to say that “women are being a little more accepted as equal participants in decision making. Even being active in my synagogue (volunteering), I saw that women weren’t taken as seriously and I honestly do not see the gender roles changing. I don’t think men will stay home and take care of the children while the woman goes to work.”

Katherine Pirrone, a recent graduate of Cabrini, has a different outlook on this topic. When asked what a woman can do to secure her job in the workplace, without hesitation she said, “short skirts and tight shirts.”

She works with 80 percent men in her profession and she noticed that when she wore a short skirt she got more attention, but when she wore a long linen skirt she got less attention.

A website for women, ivillage.com gave some simple ways to secure a job and to get promoted: self assurance, work relationships (keep them that way), take on extra tasks, show enthusiasm, always be punctual, don’t be a clock watcher because you never know who’s watching you, and take all the training that’s offered.

Posted to the web by Ryan Norris

Jessica Goldberg

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