Lady Cavs defeat Philadelphia Biblical 7-2

By James Crowell
October 8, 2010

The women’s tennis team triumphed over CSAC opponent Philadelphia Biblical University 7-2 to further the Cavs winning streak to five matches, resulting in a current season record of 13-2.

The Cavaliers won the majority of their doubles and singles matches in one of the last regular season matches against the Crimson Eagles at the Dixon Courts on Saturday, Oct. 9.

Despite winning overall, the Cavs thought they could have done better.

Freshman Katie Kennedy and junior Alexis DiCamillo prepare to receive the serve during their doubles match against Philadelphia Biblical.

Freshman Katie Kennedy, communication major, said the team played very aggressively in the doubles and singles matches.  Kennedy said her and others played consistently.  “We were trying to get the ball before they could; make them make the mistakes.”

“We did okay Sunday, December 03, 2023 but we have played better,” John Magee, head coach of Cabrini’s women’s tennis team, said.

When asked how she would rate her performance, Gabriela Durand, sophomore criminology major, said, “Pretty good but there is always something you can improve upon.”

The doubles matches were a sweep in Cabrini’s favor.  Kennedy and junior human resource major, Alexis DiCamillo, were victorious in their match 8-3, making that their fifth straight doubles win.  Durand and Adriana Scotto won in their match 8-2.

Some players believed that keeping a certain mindset and mentally preparing for the game made a difference.

“My biggest strength is my mental game,” DiCamillo said.  “If you can keep it together mentally, you can pull through and win.”

“My mental game was better than it has been,” Durand said.

According to Durand, she was able to maintain control over the tennis ball and keep it moving.  Going into the game, Durand said she had an aggressive mindset and that being able to read your opponent is key in tennis matches.

“The No. 1 thing in tennis is give yourself a chance to win,” Magee said.

Focusing on the fundamentals, not getting to involved in the individual matches as a coach, being mentally sharp, being focused, being committed to winning and not getting to technical are all things Magee said were important to remember going into the post season.

DiCamillo, Durand, freshman Victoria Nastala and Kennedy all won their singles matches against the Crimson Eagles at their last home game for the regular season.

As Cabrini has its last regular season match at the College of Notre Dame on Oct. 13, Kennedy summed up what the women’s tennis team must do to succeed in the finals.

“We need to stay focused,” Kennedy said.  “We are determined to do well in the playoffs.”

James Crowell

Senior com major at Cabrini College. Technical Director for LOQation. On-Air personality on WYBF-FM. Past News editor for The Loquitur, 2011-12. Passion for videography, tech news & quantum mechanics. Follow me @JamesCrowellJr

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