W.O.L.F. Pack hosts holiday dinner

By Lauren Tague
December 10, 2004

The W.O.L.F. Pack, the Wolfington Center’s newest program designed for freshmen student leaders, held a Christmas dinner in the Mansion on Dec. 5.

During the event, the Mansion was festively decorated in the colors of the season, including wreaths and pine boughs covered in twinkling seasonal lights and hung above our heads on the railings of the second floor.

The buffet table was complete with pizza, brownies and homemade punch. A magician walked around and wowed the crowd by bending forks and doing tricks with cards and rubber bands. Needless to say, the mood was very light and festive.

There was also a table dedicated to coloring in book covers for dictionaries. These festively-decorated covers were then laminated and taped to the dictionaries, which will go to children and needy families for the holidays. The covers said phrases like, “Words to the Wise; A Christmas Dictionary.” Christmas music, a piano, and a Christmas movie were all being played.

But none of this happened by itself. Dr. Laver and W.O.L.F. Pack were the first people there and the last to leave, setting everything up, catering to all those in attendance, and taking everything down again. They made their own food for the program as well, not including the 10 pizzas donated by Campus Corner and drinks donated by WaWa.

These dedicated team members of future leaders made the dinner very enjoyable for all who came, not complaining once about any mess or noise. They welcomed all who were there, and greeted everyone with a smile.

Attending students said the general opinion was that it was a well-organized, tastefully done rendezvous; however, there were a couple drawbacks – one student mentioned that there was two forms of music and the movie, making it seem like there were too many things going on. Also, people began leaving early, so the dinner ended at about 10:15 rather than 11:00. Needless to say, Dr. Laver is pleased with the event.

Dr. Laver spoke of what is known as the “Cabrini Spirit”, an unbreakable attitude concerning individualism, spiritualism, and determination. It was quite apparent that there was a lot of that spirit at dinner that night. Dr. Laver also spoke of the Cross and what it means to her, up to down connects you to G-d, side to side connects you to the people.

Just as Mother Cabrini did, W.O.L.F. Pack and Dr. Mary Laver are out there to help others who can’t help themselves, to try and reform the unjust ways of our current society. They believe firmly in giving from the heart.

The W.O.L.F. Pack may be having some problems, such as becoming an official student organization and receiving funding, which is why the dinner at the Mansion was advertised so late. They plan to do more events, such as a Big Brother/Big Sister Easter program that involves an Easter-egg hunt.

The Wolfington center also promotes other student involvement trips and activities. Information regarding those trips can be found in the office of the Wolfington Center next to Jazzman’s Caf

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Lauren Tague

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