Wolfington Center offers volunteering opportunities

By Staff Writer
September 17, 2009

Shannon Keough

Whether a student is interested in getting involved with community service in nearby Norristown or buying fair trade coffee to support farmers in Central America, the Wolfington Center on the third floor of Founder’s offers numerous activities to become involved on and off of Cabrini’s campus.

The Wolfington Center, a center for service learning and community outreach, attracts student leaders to get involved in local services with Norristown and global partnerships with the Cabrini Sisters and Catholic Relief Services.

After spending time in the Wolfington Center, students will quickly realize that Cabrini’s slogan, “Do Something Extraordinary,” truly is the mission of the college.

No matter what grade a student is in or what major they are, there are endless opportunities to get involved with the Wolfington Center.

Immediately, visitors are drawn to the pictures on the wall of previous trips and the endless brochures advertising upcoming events.

Led by Director David Chiles, along with staff members Dr. Mary Laver, Elizabeth Sutter, Stephen Eberle and Maureen Catania, the Wolfington Center “incorporates fun with serious concepts to help students open up their world to issues beyond their dorm rooms,” Laver said.

“Through the partnerships Cabrini has with Norristown and globally, Cabrini students can reach out and learn from many people to expand their awareness and make a difference in the world.”

Typical events such as soccer games with The Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center and HIV/AIDS movie nights, encourage students to make a difference in someone’s life while still gaining personal experience that benefits them as well.

“You can really make a difference through what you get involved in and you can always connect what you do back to your major,” Kerry Allaire, junior elementary education major, said.

Allaire, along with other Cabrini students involved in the Wolfington Center, not only gains personal satisfaction by helping out with the community but also gains hands on knowledge that enables students to obtain a broader understanding of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The benefits of taking a few moments to stop by the Wolfington Center can change students’ experiences at Cabrini significantly.

“The Wolfington Center not only enabled me to become involved in exciting activities that I actually looked forward to, but also taught me many things you cannot learn in the classroom,” Rachael Mazzante, sophomore pre-med major, said.

For more information on the Wolfington Center, students can visit the Wolfington Center on the third floor of Founder’s Hall or contact Elizabeth Sutter at ecm5@cabrini.edu.

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Staff Writer

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