Within these dorm walls

By Jenine Ikeler
November 2, 2000

Jenine J. Ikeler

by Jenine J. Ikeler
assistant photography editor

“As we walk our path of life
We meet people everyday
Most are simply met by chance
But some are sent our way
These become the special friends
Whose bond we can’t explain
The ones who understand us
The ones who share our joy and pain.”

This poem describes many friendships that have flourished over the years here at Cabrini. Usually, after your first year of college, you form a pretty tight relationship with the friends you met freshman year, so you decide to take your friendship to the next level and move in together. These are some of the stories of how roommates met and the bonds that have formed.

It has been said that first person you connect with is usually your roommate. This is exactly what happened to Donna Kain and Kara Hawksley. Donna and Kara met at freshman orientation. Kara was getting settled in the room when Donna walked through the door. They looked at each other and smiled.

“From the second we started talking I felt like I knew everything about her,” Hawksley said.

” We are so much alike that our friendship was just meant to be,” Hawksley said.

Donna and Kara rarely argue. ” We are open with each other and have constant communication. You have to work things out and be there for each other no matter what,” Kain said.

When listening to both of them, you can definitely feel a real sense of friendship.

“We know we are going to be friends for life. We almost complete each other,” said Kain.

Other roommates who have a strong connection are Chris Roach and Pasquale Bocchicchio. These New Jersey natives who only live three miles apart heard about each other before they even came to Cabrini.

” Everyone kept telling me that a kid named Chris was also going to Cabrini. People at home thought we looked alike,” Bocchicchio said.

” The reason we decided to live together this year is because

we are both neat and we get along really well,” Roach said.

” The only real dispute in this room is when Pasquale refuses to turn off the alarm and insists on hitting the snooze button,” said Roach.

” We hang out together during the summer, and I know we will be friends after college,” said Bocchicchio.

Juniors Amanda Campbell and Roxanna King met freshman year and have not left each other’s side since. When asked what is the best part about being roommates, King said, ” It is having someone around to talk to at 5 a.m. about absolutely nothing.”

” We have the closeness of real sisters. Besides, living with Roxy is very entertaining. There is never a dull moment,” said Campbell.

Meet the boys of apartment 207. Jaimie Fenwick, John Ferrise, Brian Nerney and Dustin Farrell. These guys do everything together: eat, play basketball, and even go to class.

“We have been hanging out for two years,” said Ferrise.

“We all lived in Xavier freshman year and that is how we all met,” said Nearnie.

“The only annoying part about living in this apartment is the constant loud music in the morning,” said Fenwick.

” We all enjoy living together. It is just frustrating that we can’t have people in our apartment,” said Ferrise.

” Next semester we are leaving the apartment because we feel like we are being constantly babysat,” said Ferrise.

” Even though we will not all live together next semester, we are still going to hang out no matter what,” said Fennwick.

Casey Smith, Tally Arena, Margaret Haas and Allyson Lowe occupy a quad in House two.

These girls definitely deserve to finally live in a house. Casey, Tally, and Margaret were all sophomores living in Woodcrest last year. However, if they were not placed in Woodcrest they would have never met Allyson Lowe.

“What we love about living together is the constant laughing and dancing on chairs at 2 a.m.,” said Lowe.

We will definitely keep in contact after we graduate. We have even planned our wedding parties,” said Smith.

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Jenine Ikeler

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