Winter intramurals encourage friendly competition for students

By Jason Moran
November 19, 2009

Intramural sports are a great way to compete and have fun here at Cabrini. Since 2005, Orlin Jespersen, the director of recreation, has been trying his best to get as many people to participate because he knows how great of an experience it can be.

So far this year, the fall sports have been a success. Flag football has six teams and is getting ready to wrap up.

The winner of the flag football league will be eligible to compete in playoffs against other local colleges, which will be held at Cabrini on Nov. 21.

The soccer league has gotten off to a slower start though. There are four teams competing this fall. The teams are about the average participation the league gets every year. However, there have been several scheduling issues with people having classes and trying to get field time. This past week, games have resumed and everything is back on schedule.

“So far, scheduling has been an issue, but I can’t wait until games start up again so we can win the league,” Andy Golden, senior history major, said.

Looking ahead to the winter season, there are a lot of sports being offered. There’s an intramural basketball league, which is the most popular league every year. Last year, there were seven teams, which made for great competition.

Also, Cabrini is offering an indoor soccer league and other activities such as indoor frisbee and wiffleball.

“Last year’s basketball league was a lot of fun and the competition was great. I’m expecting for the league to have the same type of play this year,” Bret Heller, senior business major, said.

There are other activities outside of intramural leagues that Jespersen is offering this year and next semester. There is rock climbing every Wednesday night, which is free. If you can’t make it on Wednesday nights you can get tickets at the front desk at the Dixon Center.

Also, there will be scheduled trips to Blue Mountain where students can get tickets at discounted prices.

Jespersen’s advice to students is to get involved. He wants more females to get involved in intramurals and hopes for an all-girls’ league.

Jespersen is also open to new ideas and any suggestions. For more information on intramural sports at Cabrini you can create an account on If you have any questions for Jespersen contact him at 610-225-3909 or

Jason Moran

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