Wilson walks on after four years

By Catharine Hernson
March 21, 2002

Hailing from Wilmington, Vt., senior Wendi Wilson completed her last year of college as a basketball player. Playing since eighth grade helped pull Wilson back to playing after ankle surgery that kept her off the team for her entire junior year.

The type of person who always worked hard and showed up everyday, Wilson was also a fun person to have on the team. Though she feels she was a quiet motivator on the Cabrini women’s team, Wilson hopes that the team will remember her for the effort she put in to playing basketball. Always a joker, Wilson knows how to keep the wear and tear of stress down. “Laughter takes off more years than step class,” is her favorite saying, because being in a good humor will always keep a person healthy.

In high school Wilson formed a good relationship with her coach. Her role model was “the type of person who was always there for you, in terms of basketball and on the personal level. He just had a great personality.” Wilson has taken the care given to her and used it as both a player and a student.

‘The best part of playing basketball is being part of the team. I love being part of a team that does things together. And a basketball team is more close-knit because there aren’t a lot of players,” Wilson said. “Also I like the fast pace of the game, you don’t get bored with it.”

The best memory Wilson has as a member of the Cabrini basketball team is winning the PAC championship her freshman year. “Going to the NCAA tournament was such a great experience.”

At home Wilson is the middle of three children, she has an older sister and a younger brother, which added to her liking of the team atmosphere. She also has a cat named Jasmine to keep her company in the Green Mountain State. Home life can lend a lot to personality, so Wilson’s small family made it easier for her to fit in on a smaller team.

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Catharine Hernson

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