COVID-19 continues to fluctuate as time goes on

By Hannah Poggi
December 3, 2021


It’s a burning question if COVID-19 is on the rise or decrease. Photo by

It’s no doubt that COVID-19 is an ongoing issue and cases are seemingly rising and de-escalating as days fluctuate, but what is the ultimate truth about the virus still being present when it comes to Pennsylvania and Cabrini’s campus? 

Taking a look at a broader scale, in Pennsylvania COVID-19 cases have surely been settling down as time has passed since the early stages of the outbreak. It is interesting to observe the daily averages and trends changing in Pennsylvania when it comes to cases, tests and deaths. On a coronavirus tracker for Pennsylvania, there were shocking statistics revealed about all three of these factors. 

It was revealed that on a daily average in Pennsylvania, there are around 3,843 cases each day. As this may seem like a large amount, it is predicted to be far less than what was accumulated in 2020 since that’s when COVID-19 was more prevalent. It was also documented that there is a daily average of 40,360 COVID-19 tests being taken. Those tests being taken by individuals could result in either positive or negative outcomes. One last daily average statistic that was shared was there are around 68 deaths per day as a result of COVID-19. As well as this data, there were trends publicized. 

Referring to a chart presenting the trends of COVID-19 changing in Pennsylvania from 2020 to 2021, April 2020 was the month where COVID-19 cases were at their lowest. With that having 1,965 cases at the highest peak during April. As time went on, COVID-19 cases took a substantial increase during Jan. 2021, with the maximum peak being 10,190 cases. Therefore, cases started to go down slowly during that April period but decided to pick back up in Jan. and wasn’t as severe. 

Chart representing reported COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania. Photo by The New York Times

Flashing forward to the current spot, in Oct. 2021, cases started to rise a bit with the highest case rate standing at 5,253. It wasn’t until the beginning of fall when COVID-19 cases started to climb because just back in July 2021, there was a drastic drop in cases up until a slight ascend in the months following including Sept., Oct. and Nov. 

But most importantly, what is the current situation with COVID-19 cases look like on Cabrini’s campus? It was reported that 88% of students and employees who came to campus this fall were vaccinated or partially vaccinated. 

Compared to last year on campus, there is a COVID-19 tracker placed on Cabrini’s website revealing that there is only one student currently COVID-19 positive. There are in total nine positive cases that were present this year during fall 2021. It was also noted that there are zero active employee cases at Cabrini with only eight fall positive cases this year. These numbers are substantially low and differ from the height of the cases that were administered last year/semesters. Can the same be told about different areas in Pennsylvania and close to Radnor? 

Cabrini’s current COVID-19 tracker. Photo by Cabrini’s case tracker

There was an informative article released about a COVID-19 surge of 557 cases in 10 days on Villanova’s campus. The surge took place from Jan. 2020 to Feb. The spring 2021 semester at Villanova resulted in 597 cases on campus during that time with 504 of those people who were victims are still considered active and around 93 of the cases are acclaimed as recovered. As those students have entered the fall 2021 semester this year, 118 non-residential students accounted for positive COVID-19 tests and employees account for seven positive tests. These numbers are widely scattered and large in comparison to the lowered numbers that should be a by-product of this academic school year.

There is no predicting or guaranteeing that these numbers will continue to stay low and or rise in the future, but as statistics and reports show the number of COVID-19 cases will continue to alternate and shift as time moves on. 


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