Why, Toni, Why?

By Elyssa McFadden
February 24, 2005

As many know, many alumni and some students and staff are up in arms about Iadorola’s poor decision not to renew Coach Dzik’s contract. Dzik isn’t the only one being affected by this shocking information, but also players, students, teachers, and alumni.

Dzik has changed the lives of many and proved to be a loyal member of Cabrini College for the past 25 years. I barely know him but I can appreciate and understand what he has done for this institution, along with many other students.

One day I interviewed Dzik and he was extremely supportive of his players. He commented on how devoted they were: both to academics and basketball. He was extremely grateful to have these students on his team and told me what amazing people they are.

Dzik showed no sign of anger, despite Iadorola’s statement about his temper during games. Apparently she hasn’t been to many games, making it hard for her to know how he acts at them. I haven’t heard about any of the players complaining of Dzik’s temper.

Let’s do a comparison. How many times do you think President Iadorola or any other member of the administration has taken the initiative in personally going out with the motivation to give a stranger a chance to get a college education? I would say the answer is slim to none.

Dzik has done this countless times. If there is one thing that people know about Dzik if nothing else, it’s that he is devoted to bettering the lives of others. He has given Cabrini students the opportunity to come to this school and make a change in their lives.

He didn’t have to continue to do this for the past 25 years. He didn’t even have to start doing it. He did it for his devotion and love of his job.

There are an incredible amount of alumni who have requested to be taken off the mailing list because they know of Dzik’s care and devotion to the school. Taking away a staff member who is admired by all is a disgrace to this school. Dzik has brought so many people to Cabrini and this decision will greatly limit the amount of incoming students.

There was a certain respect level that was lost when this news broke out. The respect lost wasn’t for John Dzik, it was for the school. It was for the person who came up with this terrible decision and it was about the sadness and anger in losing a coach who only had 20 games left until reaching 500 wins. The team could’ve easily accomplished this next season.

Cabrini had an excellent basketball program, but that will now be a thing of the past. Coach Dzik was able to keep that alive and by eliminating this man the school is going to suffer more than anyone can imagine.

I went to one of the last home games on Wednesday, Feb. 16 to see what it would be like and if Cabrini’s president would show up. She didn’t–for those who are wondering. However, the stands were packed with students and alumni who came to speak and show their support for the coach. One former player even told a story about how he desperately wanted the Cabrini coaches to attend his wedding but the coaches were unaware of the wedding date and had previously made plans to go on vacation together.

The man speaking sounded overjoyed when he proudly started telling the crowd that the coaches had left their vacation to make it to his wedding. He recounted this fond memory while wearing the original Cabrini warm-up jersey that he hadn’t put on in 23 years.

The people who chose not to rehire him were not at the game to witness this, but will read about it when picking up local newspapers. The decision not to rehire Dzik seemed to be for reasons that are unknown to Dzik and the Cabrini community. It makes one wonder how involved the administration is with the college.

Needless to say, our school’s reputation has already been damaged. Alumni don’t want anything to do with this school, along with students who will not want to associate with the school upon graduation. This should be one of many reasons to reconsider the renewal of Dzik’s contract.

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Elyssa McFadden

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