Why might other majors need a professional development course

By America Lopez-Santiago
February 5, 2020

When students graduate from college, some students want to get a job straight out of college though it isn’t always easy for college graduates to get a job. Mostly, when some students aren’t sure how to network or don’t know how to create a compelling story with their resume.

Approximately 53 percent of college graduates are unemployed or working at a job that doesn’t require a degree. It usually takes three to six months for college graduates to ensure employment after graduating, according to the University of Washington. While Cabrini University has a 92 percent employment rate within 10 months after graduating.

Many classes help students with their careers but for me, one stands out. The course that stands out is “Professional Development for Communication.” This class’s primary purpose is to help students how to network, how to write a resume, and how to find an internship for you. Though there are only a couple of majors that require professional development, those majors are business and communications. Graphic design has a similar class called “Portfolio,” where they explore print and digital portfolio presentation techniques.

Graphic design course in the master schedule for spring semester 19-20. Photo provided by America Lopez-Santiago.

If you are a communications or digital communications major, you are required to take professional development throughout your four years. The first year is when you learn more about storytelling and self-awareness. In the second year, you focus more on the marketplace and positioning. The third-year revolves around presenting and readiness within the workplace. In the final year, you focus more on entrepreneurial persuading and thinking.

I feel as though other majors should have a professional development course to help students more. The reason I think other majors should have a professional development class is that I know for me that without the class, I would be behind with updating my resume.

Some students wait until the last minute to update their resumes or don’t know how to make their resumes more personal. Even though students are considered adults, some are still unaware of how important professional development is important for their post-college success.

Professional development page on Blackboard. Photo provided by America Lopez-Santiago.

Professional development has helped me understand what employers are going to look for when looking at my resume and conducting an interview. The course has also allowed me the opportunity to talk to alumni to figure out how I can fix my resume.

According to Geoff Falen, director of career connections at St.Lawrence University, universities and colleges should think about instituting professional development requirements to assist students in their education and further help them with future employers.

Not only will adding professional development help other students within their major, but it will also help the school. People will see how many students are benefiting from the course and want to come study here and increase their chances of employment after college.

Having other majors require a professional development course will help students be more prepared for their industry after college. More students will have internships and know how to nail interviews. I feel that without this course, I would be behind with updating my resume and not knowing what to do when going to interviews. It has helped me learn how I can be different from other people that apply for the same position. This course is all about learning how to boost yourself in order to impress employers.

America Lopez-Santiago

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