Why College athletes should not receive money in college

By Nicholas Rayner
October 12, 2011

A student athlete is someone who gets an education and also chooses to represent their school in athletic competitions.  Every year, millions of dollars are produced from college athletes because of their great athletic performances.

Any high-profile student athlete produces large amounts of publicity for the school.  If schools paid student athletes it would corrupt college sports and everything they stand for.

Even though they don’t get cash, I believe these athletes do get paid because they get a free college education, free accessories and a great chance to make a lot of money in the near future.

Getting a college education is priceless.  A college education is a foundation that will put you on the road to success for the rest of your life.  Millions of people would love to go to college, but simply can’t afford it. This is why I feel that some of these student athletes just don’t appreciate and capitalize on the opportunities that are presented to them.

Even though these athletes produce a lot of money for the school and don’t get to see any of it, I believe they get their paychecks when they go to class and learn.  Getting a free education is something these kids should take advantage of.  This is why I just never understood why some student athletes leave school early.  The whole point of college is to get a great education.

College is not a sports- development league.  I always thought that a student athlete should have to graduate from school before being allowed to go pro.  The reason is these individuals made a commitment when they chose to go to that college.  That commitment was to be a student athlete. Some of these student athletes just don’t realize what that title actually means.  To them, college is another step in their quest to go pro in the sport they play.

I hope one day we see college athletes having to keep their word and graduate from school first before leaving.

Even though student athletes don’t get paid, they do get many accessories that regular students don’t get.  First, you get a free room to live in while you go to college.  This is a major accessory because you don’t have to pay room fees or find a room to live in.  Student athletes also get free meals to eat whenever they want. The reason for this is because they are on a school sports team, that means the coaches need them to eat the right foods so they can reach their full athletic potential. Unlike regular students, student athletes receive free clothes because the college wants them to represent the school wherever they go.  Every school wants the public to acknowledge their student athletes, and by giving them clothes to wear with school logos on it, they will know were this person goes to school.  Student athletes have the benefits of getting free medical care whenever they need it and free prescriptions.

I feel that these accessories cover all the needs of college athletes.  This is why these athletes don’t need to get paid; they already have everything they need to make it through college

College athletes don’t make much while in school, but college does set them up to make a lot of money when they get out.  This is why colleges shouldn’t pay student athletes.  These students are getting paid with an education that will set them up in the future to succeed.

These talented individuals have to realize everything the college is giving them.  They might not like the fact that they make millions for the school by playing sports, without seeing a penny of it.  But they need to realize that the college is developing all of their talents, on the court and in the classroom.  Colleges shouldn’t have to pay athletes to compete for them; it should be the athlete’s privilege to represent the school .

Paying college athletes would simply take away from the great atmosphere that college sports give us.  This is what makes college athletics great, these kids playing hard for their schools, and trying to make a name for themselves.



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Nicholas Rayner

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