Why Can’t We Drink?

By Kevin McLaughlin
January 22, 2020

If an 18-year-old man or woman is legally obligated to vote and serve his or her country, why can they not legally consume alcohol in the United States? Legally purchasing tobacco products, serving in jury duty and becoming an independent in the eyes of the law should raise awareness to this question. This will hopefully become a conflict the government. Hopefully upgraded changes to the legal age will be discussed and brought into law.

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As a 20-year-old student, I for one have been guilty of consuming alcohol under the legal age. While many have not admitted to underage drinking, I will. The reason for my wrongdoings were mostly a result of empowerment. This is what triggers many teens to give into this as well.

A sense of fear is put into teenagers when it comes to consuming alcohol and under no supervision. At a bar, where it is primarily safe to consume alcohol, the bartenders can detect signs of whether or not too much alcohol has been consumed by the customers.

You are not only a legal adult at the age of 18 but that is the age primarily to be a freshman in college. Freshmen in college are not the equivalent to freshmen in high school. College students are all young adults attempting to pursue a career in whatever it is their expertise is in. Throughout this process, many levels of stress arise. Finding your major, networkers or even a job can be extremely pressuring. These are all adult tasks. With these adult tasks, should come the freedom of all adult privileges. One of these privileges includes the ability to legally consume alcohol.

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Colleges could hold more events to attend to with the offering of alcohol. A supervised event or tailgate could be an outstanding way to create a bond with students that live on campus. It is obvious that college is a time to work hard. However, that hard work should be rewarded. Most college students enjoy drinking. I believe this would be a fair exchange and well worth the money towards the university as a result.

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As an 18-year-old student, the risks of entering a drinking zone are well known to that individual. There are many 18-year-old men and women that are more responsible than 40-year-old men and women. The conflict of drinking can never fully be fixed. However, accepting that 18 is the age of legality is a beginning step into the process of trusting this change.

While drinking, responsibility plays a major role in this case. As an 18-year-old student the risks of entering a drinking zone are well known to that individual. Life lessons are taught every day and if an adult is aware of these rules and potential consequences.

Bars in America would consume more money than is already entering the pockets of these companies. Many young adults crave the rush of entering a bar at a young age and partying. Regardless if it is moral or not, bartenders should welcome the compensation through tips and long hours of serving young adults.

Many men and women under the age of 21 want to visit other countries around the world. Clearly, a major factor is due to drinking requirements. If the United States were to abide by the legal age there would be many young tourists here as well.



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Kevin McLaughlin

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